This child not listed born after father died

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24/5/2011 at 5:07 ÖÖ

Adelaide del Vasto (Adelasia, Azalaïs) (c. 1075 – April 16, 1118) was the third wife of Roger I of Sicily and mother of Roger II of Sicily, as well as Queen consort of Jerusalem due to her later marriage to Baldwin I of Jerusalem, as his third wife.

She was the daughter of Boniface del Vasto, marquess of Western Liguria, and Agnes of Vermandois. Her father's family was a branch of the Aleramici, sharing a common descent from Aleramo of Montferrat with the Marquesses of Montferrat. Her brothers founded the lines of the Marquesses of Saluzzo, of Busca, of Lancia, of Ceva, and of Savona.

Who is wrong?

24/5/2011 at 6:56 ÖÖ

Sandy, can you link to the specific profiles instead of just listing the names? That makes it easier to go through them and find the exact profiles to which you're referring. Thanks.

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