Yet another Connecticut town ....

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25/5/2011 в 8:49 после полудня

Started Original Proprietors: Farmington, CT. Found some good history but have no yet located a list of them.

Added the Usual Suspects as collabs. Anyone want to find a list of the first freeman? Some interesting families.

26/5/2011 в 3:43 после полудня

I'm not familiar with a list, to be honest. They don't have the same historical tradition that places like Hartford, Wethersfield, Middletown, and Windsor have. Farmington was originally just farming tracts west of Hartford and most of the original settlers were of lower means.

It's still a second-ring suburb but it's grown a lot in recent years. The western suburbs of Hartford are, generally speaking, the more upper-class ones, even though that area was not originally upper-class.

Regarding your note on the index...probate records would have been held originally by the "Court House" (now the Old State House) and are now at the Connecticut State Library. If there's anything in particular someone wants me to go dig out, just let me know. I know historians in Farmington and a few from the museums there, but no one from the FHS, I'm afraid.

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