Why does it say "You've already approved this merge" and "These profiles are in different trees"?

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31/5/2011 в 7:07 после полудня

Why does it say "You;ve aready approved this merge" and "These profiles are in different trees? The profiles are still not together. Does the` other person also have to accept the merge? We already collaborated the profiles.

1/6/2011 в 5:37 до полудня

Shalom Sandra,
there are several levels of privacy that give several version of merges - If you are the manager of both profiles then you are the only one needed for the merge
If you are not the manager of both profiles then the ohter manager needs to accept the merge, unless those are public profiles and the other manager is your collaborator.

the message "You've already approved this merge"
means that you approved this merge but it's not completed yet by the other manager
the message "These profiles are in different trees"
means that one or both profiles are NOT part of the BIG TREE - that is they are not connected to Geni's world tree

I hope it wasn't too complicated.
please feel free to ask for more explanations


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20/9/2011 в 9:49 до полудня

Thanks Yaacov :)

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