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Private User
5/6/2011 в 6:37 до полудня

This project should have either been named "Deutsch-Portal" or "Deutschsprachige Portal".

18/6/2011 в 3:45 до полудня

ach so....

Private User
18/6/2011 в 4:45 до полудня

Sjaantje, zo maak je geen vrienden !

18/6/2011 в 1:57 после полудня

Fred, you're right, may-be I have to apologize, but I like the name, so is it really a must for curators to change it? They have a lot of power, but I think geni-users should have the possibily to enjoy the system too! They are the ones who attribute with thousends, no millions of profiles....

Private User
18/6/2011 в 2:46 после полудня

It's not about what we prefer, its what people of that language will recognize and understand. For one it's very odd that there is a hyphen in Deutschsprachige.

Private User
19/6/2011 в 8:03 до полудня

I thought that it wasn't possible to change the name of a project. I have some projects of which I now say, the name should be changed !

Private User
19/6/2011 в 11:15 до полудня

If you send a request to Mike, he's usually happy to oblige.

Private User
19/6/2011 в 11:29 до полудня

You mean Mike Stangel ? I did not yet contacted him !

Private User
19/6/2011 в 11:50 до полудня

One in the same.

Показаны все 9 сообщений

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