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9/6/2011 в 10:29 после полудня

Hello Bros and Sisters,
thanks to all of you for taking interest and expanding the tree. i was just getting concerned like as we are in the process of creating a huge tree (should I say forest :)??), I am getting concerned of backup feature, e.g. let's say someday this shutdowns or some mishappening happened then we will not like to lose this abnormally precious amount of data. Ideas and suggestions are invited.
Shiraz Anwar

10/6/2011 в 7:10 до полудня

Greetings from Geni,

Since you posted a public discussion (viewable by all Geni users) I'll take the liberty to respond; you can create a backup of your data by requesting a GEDCOM export from the "Share Your Tree" link on the "Family Tree" pull-down menu above. Here's a direct link:

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10/6/2011 в 8:01 до полудня

Thanks for the help Mike. Well, while i am exporting it to GEDCOM, just curious to know what kind of software I need to view this GEDCOM file later?

10/6/2011 в 8:45 до полудня

Here is a chart of options. I can't imagine that there are any that won't import a gedcom file at least on a basic level.

One that I use is:
legacy family tree software will work:

But there are at least 50 other options depending on your platform, language, and desired feature set.

10/6/2011 в 10:49 до полудня

This software
will also download the pictures and is free to use. Has better reports than most.

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11/6/2011 в 8:47 до полудня

Thanks guys, I liked the software "Family Tree Builder" .. its easy to use and it redraws family tree using GEDCOM beautifully .... also as pointed out by Marvin, you can see some nice reports out there ...

11/6/2011 в 8:50 до полудня

Your Welcome

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