Reliable sources for english family searches?

Начала Amy Critcher Воскресенье, 12 Июня 2011


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12/6/2011 в 3:56 после полудня

Ive just began researching, but so far I have only got to my great grandparents on my mothers side. Im struggling to get any further, especially since my grandfather adopted my dad. Are there any good sites that will help me along with this?

12/6/2011 в 4:53 после полудня

Amy, you don't mention if you father is still living. This could have a bearing as he was adopted, if you are wishing to trace his bloodline. Have you (or he)got a birth certificate? or adoption papers? I am not expert when it comes to adoption but there are ways. If you have a birth certificate then hopefully that will have at least his mother's name if not both parents.
As for helpful websites:
for birth death and marriage records from 1837 onwards
For parish records that the LDS were given access to and
1881 census for other censuses and records.

Hope that helps

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