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16/6/2011 в 2:12 после полудня

Private User, I think the project name might be too broad. How about you call it something like Notable Hispanic American Women?

16/6/2011 в 2:16 после полудня

What do you mean by American Victar? I already added an Argentine who is beloved on three + continents :)

16/6/2011 в 2:16 после полудня

There are not just from America (USA), Victar. We are adding others from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Venezuela, as well. or do you mean Americas?

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16/6/2011 в 2:18 после полудня

Too late to change the name alas ... Also I'd rather it be Americas & Caribbean. We can always make subprojects.

BTW I am filling out the Joan Baez family. They are quite fascinating.

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16/6/2011 в 2:39 после полудня

The intro text reads "Hispanic women have contributed to the culture of the world and to American history".

Private User. we change project names all the time. You just have to send a note to Mike.

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16/6/2011 в 2:41 после полудня

How about Notable Hispanic Women of the Americas or Notable Hispanic Women of the New World?

Private User
16/6/2011 в 8:08 после полудня

Maybe Notable Hispanic Women of the Americas ... although I'd have to take out Penelope Cruz, drat.

Private User
16/6/2011 в 8:08 после полудня

It's a little stiff and formal a name though and I won't remember it alphabetically.

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17/6/2011 в 12:05 до полудня

I think "notable" is an essential part of the project name.

Private User
17/6/2011 в 6:32 до полудня

Yes, it makes the distinction between "all women" and "ones we're documenting in this project."

What the spanish (or Spanglish) translation?

17/6/2011 в 9:30 до полудня

Erica, "Mujeres hispánicas de las Américas" (or "Mujeres hispánicas famosas de las Américas") would work. And "hispánicas" would not be capitalized.

17/6/2011 в 9:33 до полудня

Come to think of it, you could probably drop the "Mujeres" altogether...the adjective form already implies that it's women. That would help with length. So, "Hispánicas famosas de las Américas" could be good.

17/6/2011 в 9:41 до полудня

o "importantes"?

Mujeres latinas Importantes ?

latina y latino-americanas ...

17/6/2011 в 9:49 до полудня

"Latinoamericanas" would be too constrictive, I think. That is strongly associated with the Caribbean rim. The more generic "hispánicas" would cover anyone from Nunavut to Patagonia, which I think is what we're doing here? (Oh man, this is making me think of Census problems...)

And everyone's important in my book. :) "Hispánicas Famosas de las Américas" would be my preference just for inclusivity and length reasons, but I'm pretty flexible.

(Completely unrelated: Argentinos speak vosos, right? Their dialect is fascinating to me. I met a man once who introduced himself by telling me his "shamo." Blew me away. :))

17/6/2011 в 9:50 до полудня

We could go on forever. THis dialogue is being played out in the world as we speak...

17/6/2011 в 9:50 до полудня

Voseo, I mean. Ack!

17/6/2011 в 10:08 до полудня

I personally don't hear the word hispánica used, but I defer to Victar.

I am a "passive bilingual" which means I understand but don't produce very well :)

I would use importantes and latinas y latino-americanas myself.

Easy to go out on the web and search for phrases used on global Spanish speaking sites.

17/6/2011 в 10:09 до полудня

si, que queres vos, Ashley? haha ... excuse my lack of accents ...

17/6/2011 в 10:21 до полудня
17/6/2011 в 10:53 до полудня

We all have to remember that it's going to be different in every culture, too. Some use Hispanic, some use Latina/o, etc. I think Kwame is right that this could go on forever if we try to find one thing that's agreed upon. :)

Wikipedia is classifying South America as part of Latin America, so points to Hatte! In my history, geography, and anthropology courses, it was always separated out and applied to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean only. I know our large Peruvian population here uses "South American" or "Hispanic" instead of Latina/o, especially on signage. But that's obviously just my experience. Maybe Peruvians are the odd ones out. I need to start hanging with more Argentines! :)

Private User
17/6/2011 в 11:13 до полудня

Latinas Importantes?

Put "Latina" as the first word - I'll find it easily in my drop down list.

"Importantes" -- hey that means "important" right? I can get with that as the project mission.

Do we have a winner and I'll write to Stangel asking him to fix?

17/6/2011 в 11:13 до полудня

I did a random search and found mostly "mujeres latinas ..." and a few "mujeres hispanas ..." no hispánica

And I found mostly "importantes ..." and a few "que hacen diferencia ..." which feels like a translation from English.

Definitely South America is referred to adjectivally as latin americano/a. Although I have heard Sudamerica but mostly in the famous song that Mercedes Sosa popularized.

You have to go listen to/watch Mercedes Sosa on youtube. No one like her ever.

17/6/2011 в 11:14 до полудня

Please have Victar weigh in. I have very intuitive Spanish and sometimes my intuitions are "odd".

17/6/2011 в 11:19 до полудня

This is the hymn of Latin America, sung by Mercedes Sosa. Don't get confused by the mix of Portuguese and Spanish subtitles.

17/6/2011 в 12:08 после полудня

I believe you, Hatte. :) But Erica, if you don't want Spanish women, we'll have to specify it as "Latinoamericanas Importantes."

Private User
17/6/2011 в 1:35 после полудня

I have not problem with the project being in English. We can always create a Spanish version. That said, Latinos don't use the term Hispanic too often.

English: Notable Hispanic Women of the Americas
Spanish: Latinas notables de las Américas

Private User
17/6/2011 в 1:39 после полудня

"Latinas notables de las Américas" sounds less stuffy to me but would that imply a spanish language project?

Maybe we should do both simultaneously Victar -- or actually it would be interesting to me to compare English with Spanish generated.

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17/6/2011 в 1:46 после полудня

If Notable Hispanic Women of the Americas is stuffy to you, it could just be Notable Latinas of the Americas.

Private User
17/6/2011 в 6:44 после полудня

I like the second better.

Michael Stangel

Would you be kind enough to change the name of the project:


Notable Latinas of the Americas


Many thanks.

Private User
17/6/2011 в 6:44 после полудня

Private User

Now you need to load in some profiles / build out some trees! :)

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