veras family.

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2011년 6월 19일 5:59 PM

i am her grand child, the son of richard. untill recently my family never knew vera had 2 daughters. not even my father had an idea that he had sisters. my nana (vera), always told us she had 4 children. doug, david, darcy, and richard. dose anyone know maureen and ellen?

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2012년 3월 3일 6:02 PM

According to the base data assembled by Mrs Ines Shaw of Ongare Point Rd Katikati, Vera married Kenneth Lyle McKee and she had five children to him and then two to Mr Ronald William Barlow.
Maurice 20.8.41
Ellen 9.7.43 Md John Bryce McSkimming (two kids)
Maureen (no date, presumed deceased)
Douglas William (two kids)
Eric 29.1.50 Md Jacqueline Hickton (2 kids)
and then Darcy and Richard
Mrs Shaw's record has Richard marrying a Sonja Lawless but this doesnt match with some other info on Geni.
I think Ines gathered this information from various sources including a family get together in Katikati

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