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6/21/2011 at 8:08 AM

This is a place to introduce yourself, if you wish.

I am Hatte Blejer, the 9th great granddaughter of Richard Williams and Francis Deighton. I live in the Washington DC area. My mother is a Williams. Our family descends from Nathaniel III.

I started this project with my own branch of the family in mind. Now I would like to expand it to have subsections on the different branches and have whatever shared background you suggest. All are welcome to add. You can consult me about formatting if that is a problem for you.

What additions would you like to the project? Would any of you like to help improve the About Me sections of our ancestors' profiles or add sources about their birth date, death date, marriage, burial, residences, etc.? Or add documents, maps, photographs, or other images? I noticed that Francis Deighton/Dighton's About Me is not very informative.

I will start another discussion focused on About Me sections and how we are constructing them in Geni.

I have just added another cousin, Elwin Nickerson II, who is I think the 11th great grandson, through Elizabeth Bird, the daughter of Nathaniel Williams I.

Welcome to Elwin Nickerson.

Cousin Hatte

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