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6/21/2011 at 10:52 AM

I am inviting anyone with their connections with DIU to see if there are any connections we can establish with our TREE ....

We are looking for our origin and original surname - Last name.

I was told that before adapting surname SHAH we were Chovatia and our native place is DIU. I wonder if you or your forefather have any connection with DIU ? I was able to manage seven generation going backward, however, I am still to figure out so many facts for our family.

This could be a guess work and reality may be different .... I was able to create seven generation name however, I do not have any history of their origin ... their last name ... their native or migration from history ...


The above mentioned names are my forefathers in chronological Bhaidas being my grand father; Talakchand is great grand father and Dayal is great great grand father ... and so on ....

I would love to see if anyone have any similar name for their family generation in that sequence so we can relate and recreate some history.

My personal email ID is shah.rajesh.b@gmail.com . I would love to share additional information if you need any .. likewise your feedback and information will be appreciated.


Rajesh Shah

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