Patronyms or second first names

Started by George J. Homs on Thursday, June 23, 2011


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Today at 7:31 AM

Hello all! In the course of working through New Amsterdam trees, I have a tendance to move patronyms and second first names to the first name box. I hope that doesn't offend anyone?
My primary reason for doing so is that things look so much clearer when you're in 'tree view' (which normally masks the second names).
Additional arguments that might justify are this: 1) in many cases, we only have a patronym to go by and, in case we're not sure whether the patronym became family name or not, it's safer to have it with the first name; and 2) we're not always certain whether a second name actually belongs with a first name or not (like 'Anna Maria', 'Jean Pierre', etc).
If you find this is not good practice and you have a reason for me not to do this, please tell!

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