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6/25/2011 at 3:39 AM

I am all for this. It is sad when people create profiles and then lose interest. We are then struggling to carry out merges. I have seen so many duplicate trees during my research but receive no reply to requests as the person has lost interest. There are a several others, where the individual has died and it would be nice to merge those trees. I have taken a very avid interest in adding whatever information I lay my hands on regarding the India/Portuguese families. In the process, I had made contacts for collaboration with over 250 people, only to find that in April of this year a seemingly harmless message caused me to lose the access to this as well as the 16000 profiles which were added to another individual. I have tried to reconnect with people I was collaborating with but they are not active any more. We need to give easier access to people who are genuinely interested in knowing about their heritage. How we go about it is a more technical matter!

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