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Today at 5:29 PM

I've established two things and one of them is wrong.

1. Maud Bigod (1068) and William d'Aubigny have two children: Olivia and William Strong Hand.

2. Olivia is the mother of Robert de La Haye born about 1075 who married Murial Chapel and produced Cecelia about 1105.

In order for Olivia to be mother and grandmother she has to be born in the area of 1050 or 1055.
BUT: Maud Bigod is aged right to be the mother of Strong Hand (1190) but she misses by a long shot being of age for Olivia (1050). In fact, Maud wasn't even born until 1068.

I've already moved Olivia away from one set of parents because it didn't work out, and now this one isn't either. To make matters worse, William Strong Hold is my 24th Grandfather, but my program says Olivia is a half 1st cousin. Should I just delete Olivia?

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