This is the wrong prifile for Henry Freeman

Started by Michael Sortomme on Monday, July 4, 2011


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Today at 7:20 PM

Anne M Berge merged the wrong profile and installed the WRONG Henry Freeman.
This is my original info before this BAD merge happened:
Henry Freeman
Birth 8 JUL 1669 in Elizabeth, NJ, USA
Death 10 OCT 1763 (94) in Woodbridge, NJ, USA
1695 Age: 25 Marriage to Anne Elizabeth Baignoux Bowne (1673-1763)
Woodbridge, NJ, USA

Spouse: Elizabeth Baigneaux (1673-1760) Married 1695
Children: Anne Elizabeth (1695-1763)
John (1700-1761)
Sarah (1702-1760)
Mary (1702-1784)
Rachel (1705-1763)
Hannah (1705-1763)
Samuel (1708-1778)
Joseph (1709-1797)
Hannah (1711-)
Benjamin (1713-1789)
Isaac (1715-1808)
Henry (1717-1784)
James (1719-1793)
Hester (1725-1754)
All characters before this Henry Freeman are based on unreliable info furnished by the corrupt genealogist, Gustave Anjou.

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