Austrian and German Nobility/Aristocracy and Naming Conventions

Started by Randy Schoenberg on Thursday, July 28, 2011


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Today at 8:34 AM

I was venturing into some of the Austrian aristocracy and noticed that the names, especially the display names, of most of the master profiles do not follow the naming convention of Geni that the titles be in the original language

See, for example,

Elisabeth of Bavaria, Empress consort of Austria

Notice that her immediate family is all in English too

Daughter of Maximilian Joseph von Wittelsbach, Herzog in Bayern (Pfalz-Birkenfeld-Gelnhausen, Wittelsbach) and HRH Princess Ludovika of Bavaria
Wife of H.I.M. Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria & King of Hungary
Mother of Archduchess Sophie of Austria; Gisela Louise Marie of Austria, Princess of Bavaria; Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria and Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria
Sister of Ludwig Wilhelm Herzog in Bayern; Wilhelm Karl Herzog in Bayern; Duchess Helene Caroline Therese in Bavaria, Hereditary Princess of Thurn and Taxis; Karl Theodor, Duke in Bavaria; HRH Marie Sophie Amalie, Duchess in Bavaria; Duchess Mathilde Ludovika in Bavaria, Countess of Trani; Maximilian Herzog in Bayern; Sophie Charlotte Augustine of Bavaria, Duchess of Alençon; Duke Maximilian Emanuel in Bavaria; Duchess Marie Sophie Amalie, Wittelsbach of Bayern and Duchess Helene Wittelsbach of Bavaria, Hereditary Princess of Thurn and Taxis « less

Should this be corrected? I suspect the use of English is deterring more informed German-speaking genealogists from joining in and completing the tree.


Today at 1:37 PM

Randy - beyond the obvious errors you pointed out, I have noticed that the actual Germany relatives of mine using the titles today are not too swift with the distinctions either - women born baronesses using Frauherr, for example, instead of Freiin.

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