Death of Sarah

Начала Swana Meeks Среда, 3 Августа 2011


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3/8/2011 в 9:29 после полудня

Just wondering if you had noticed that you have the death date for Sarah as being before any of her children were born??? I have a death date of 1800 listed for her, if this helps.

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11/8/2011 в 12:21 после полудня

Can someone take over curatorship on this profile, since I resigned as curator? I'm also going to unfollow this discussion as I have no interest anymore. Thanks.

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11/8/2011 в 5:25 после полудня

Hello Swana,
I will step in and help you out. I have done a lot of work with the Colonial South. I have changed the date of birth for Sarah Hutto. Do you have a source for that date that we can add?

Maria Edmonds-Zediker, Volunteer Curator

13/8/2011 в 11:55 до полудня

Maria tagged Leonard Warnedow (Vernadeau) in this document Chapter01_t . I had been to this site sometime last week. It has pages and pages of genealogy. I will eventually get to it, UNLESS (hint hint) somebody else gets to it first and adds the profiles. It is very well documented. Sarah is my 6th great uncle's sister, so it isn't right at the very top of my list but it is on my list. You might check this site out and fill in some blanks and correct any errors here on geni you might find. Joop Giessendanner is in process of translating the book of record, with comparisons to Salley. He has uploaded everything he has done already it is almost entirely complete, you can find it here:
BTW you can email me at

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14/8/2011 в 1:36 до полудня

Between my many other curatorial efforts over the next several weeks, I will be filling in the Hutto/Vernadeau lines. If anyone beats me to it, bless you! I'll look the profile over and make it an MP.

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14/8/2011 в 8:21 после полудня

Friends, I'm going to be working on the Vernadeau line for the next couple of days. Never fear, I will come back and work on the Hutto line in the near future. If you run into problems working on either line, send me an inbox message and I'll reply as soon as I'm able.

As you may have gathered, one of our curators needed to give up the position. As a result, many of the remaining curators are working to pick up her profiles. I myself have over 200 new MP profiles in about ten families. That's a steep learning curve! That's why I'm just working one side of the tree at a time. I now have both families to research and follow.

Показаны все 6 сообщений

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