players in war?

Started by Michael Mccann on Saturday, August 6, 2011


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Michael Mccann
Today at 3:16 PM

is this forum for major players only general washington etc etc cauz i have in my family a col... Thaddeus Crane commanded a company of Westchester County militia. Was 2d major of the 2d Reg. Westchester County, May 28, 1778 (also captain of North Salem company). At the Battle of Ridgefield he was seriously wounded. In 1777 he held the rank of major. He was shot through the hip at Ridgefield (expedition to Danbury), 27th April, 1777. In Feb. 17, 1780 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, 4th Regt., Westchester County.
He served in the Assembly and was a member of the New York State Constitutional Convention in 1788 that ratified the Constitution.
He was on the military invalid pension list when he died.

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