Stele,Stehlin,Stahlin (DE),Stahlie NLD, Stelly,Stailey (USA)

Started by Fred Bergman (dutch curator) on Sunday, August 7, 2011


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Today at 5:45 AM

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My ancestors came to the Netherlands from contact there said the name changed to Stahlie. So anyone with that name there are all connected to the progenitor which came from around Albershausen, Wurttemburg, Germany named of my ancestor was Ulrich Stahlin, Stehlin, Stele..etc..all different surnames..
Private User Thursday at 9:26pm

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Bobby I need your help then. I have Stailey in Kentucky and I'm not sure if they link back to Ulrich Stele or not. Do you have a good link for me to study?
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