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George and Ann have recently added profiles of Wolfert Webber and Anneke Webber to the project. I have attached some information from the Brouwer Genealogy Database. The genealogy that associates Wolfert Webber with Anneke Jans has been discredited by the descendants of Anneka (or Annetje) Jans Borgardus. This Webber lineage was promoted as part of a 19th century scam to entice descendants to paying into a subscription to support discovery in a fraudulent lawsuit to recover "royal" wealth and the Anneke Jans (Trinity Church) real estate.

Wolfert Webber1
b. before 1545

Father*: (?) Webber b. s 1520

Wolfert Webber was born before 1545.

Also known as Jan Webber in some accounts, although this is erroneous, and appears to be from an apparent attempt to claim him as a father of Anneke Jans.

Wolfert (or Jan) Webber has been claimed to be the son of William the Silent, Prince of Orange, who was subsequently William X of Orange and William I of Holland and Stadholder of the Dutch Republic, christened under the name "Webber". His mother is said to be a consort of William's, a woman other than one of the four wives he had during his life. Her name is not known, and this is a claim that can not be verified. It has also been claimed that Wolfert (or Jan), married Catherina (Tryntje) Jonas (or Jans) and is the father of Anneke Jans. There is no evidence to substantiate this claim and it is widely unaccepted. It does not appear that Wolfert ever came to New Amsterdam. Tryntje Jonas, however, did. Tryntje Jonas is the known mother of Anneke Jans, and presently all that can be said, is that Anneke's father was a man named Jan.

Wolfert Webber+2 b. 1565

[S525] John Reynolds Totten, "Anneke Jans (1607-8?-1663) and Her Two Husbands", New York Genealogical & Biographical Record 56:202-243 (1925): p.20.. Hereinafter cited as "Anneke Jans, NYG&BR 56 (1925)."
[S1734] John Reynolds Totten, "Anneke Jans Bogardus (1599-1663) And Her Possible Blood Connection with the Sybrant, Seylns and Webber Families in New Netherland", New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol.57, pp.11-54 (1926): 57:20. Hereinafter cited as "Anneke Jans, NYGBR 57 (1926)."

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