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13/8/2011 в 8:26 после полудня

Hi Christopher

I have some additional information for your family tree.

Adrien had a Sister name Bernice (Jean) who lived in Val Dor then moved to Ottawa before her death. She had four children.. Nancy, Pit, Robert and Beverly. Pit is still alive.
He also had a brother Roland who died in 1949
Estelle a sister was born in 1925
Thereise a sister was born in 1914

All have passed away

He also had a sister named Beatrice (Chevrier) who moved to Windsor Ontario with Bernice in the 1930s. She was born in 1922.
Her mother was Alma (trottier), here father Henri Paquin (married Alma Trottier 1909).
Her grand father was Delphis Trottier dis labissonniere and grandmother Alvina Cassette (married 15 Aug 1882)
Her other grandfather was Alphirie Paquin (married to Emma Leclerc 1882)
Her great grandfather was Numedique Paquin who was married to Olympia Delsile on 08 Jan 1839.
Her great great grandfather was Augustine Paquin 1809 (married to Genevieve Rivard Lacourrie in 1809
Her great great great grandfather was Augustin Grondenes marrieed to Pelagie Leauyer in 1777
Her great great great great grandfather was Joseph Cap-Sante married to Angelique Gauthier in 1750
Her great great great great great grandfather was Nicolas Deschambault "contrat" married to M Anne Perrot in 1705
Her great great great great great great grandfather was Nicolas ancetre married to M France Plante in 1676
Nicolas ancetre was the son of Jean and Rene Fremonth from Nomandie France.

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