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13/8/2011 в 10:54 после полудня

Can anyone please help with information about John Dodds who married Margaret Wood on 12th Jan 1888 in Geelong Victoria. He had 4 previous children and was a widow when he maried Margaret. They then had 6 children including my father Thomas Henry Dodds they moved to Tasmania and I can't find any further information including death date. Or any previous information before he maried my Grandmother Margaret. His parents were William & Elizabeth Dodds. John was born in Shields England in 1848 circa.
Any information would be greatful

26/4/2012 в 3:18 до полудня

Hi jean, John Dodds was my great grand father, his daughter Elizabeth was my grandmother who in fact was a very strange woman. Her son James Sayle was my father and died in 1966 when I was 7.
I have a website on My Heritage called Sayle Family Tree.
Leanne Majdali

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