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Начал Oscar Allen Tart Суббота, 20 Августа 2011


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20/8/2011 в 3:59 до полудня

The Tart family of oscar Allen Tart came on the boat after The Mayflower that landed in Virginia . Captain John Smith founded founded founded and became governor of Virginia and was the founder of Jamestown, Virginia. the Tart family is all over virginia , North Carolina, south Carolina, and Georgia.

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Not sure why I received your post but you history is incorrect.

The Mayflower never landed in Virginia. It landed at Plymouth Rock, Mass where the first Pilgrims landed.

Capt. John Smith was never the Governor of Virginia.
John Smith was not credited with founding Virginia.
Capt. Christopher Newport led the expedition to Virginia in 1607.
After their arrival John Smith was later appointed by the Virginia Colony to be one Jamestown leaders.

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Why am I getting this.....get your history right.......

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I don't see how this connects to me either...please check your facts.

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not our family line. please disconnect me, too. Thanks much

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26/8/2011 в 4:58 после полудня

Please do not list further news of Mayflower people. My ancestors are in Australia from Iteland.

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27/8/2011 в 9:19 после полудня

seems good
show me more things related to geni

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