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24/8/2011 в 2:31 до полудня

bonjour, j'ai besoin d'aide sur une branche :
LECROART Justine Marie - Ouvrière Imprimeuse (12 mars 1811 - Loos-les-Lille / - )
mariée à DEWINCK Edmond Désiré - mouleur en fonte (9 novembre 1843 - Lille / 1907 - Bétheny)

père louis lecroart, mère marie josephe crepin

1 frère (au moins) desire lescroart

merci à tous, je cherche les ascendants suqu'à fusion avec notre arbre!!!

24/8/2011 в 6:15 до полудня

Hi Julie. I do not know of any of the names you suggested in your message, however, I thought it was interesting that there was a Justine Lescroart. born in 1811. My brother's daughter is also named Justine. I think it is a beautiful name.

Also, just FYI. I do not read or speak French but the French translation website I found on Google actually translates your message for me.

24/8/2011 в 10:16 после полудня

hello kathryn, my uncle's daughter's name is justine too! i think justine lescroart is a new branch and i try to join it. lescroart family is large in over the world! i's exciting! i can speak (a little) english! best regards

Показаны все 3 сообщения

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