Burial of John Lanier in St. Giles Churchyard, London

Начала Judith Ann Purgason Среда, 24 Августа 2011


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24/8/2011 в 11:59 до полудня

I'm curious how he died in Charles City, Virginia, but was buried in London. Is this correct?

24/8/2011 в 12:32 после полудня

I am assuming that you are reading the About Me, do you have any other sources of information for this profile, even a place of burial in Virginia, a burial stone even

William Chandler Lanier Jr.

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24/8/2011 в 12:44 после полудня

The profile's About Me seem to be a mix of John Lanier Jr and Sr

24/8/2011 в 1:18 после полудня

Wow are they ever mixed up, let us see if some of the relatives have any information

24/8/2011 в 1:26 после полудня
27/8/2011 в 8:32 до полудня

Neither John the Emmigrant nor his son John are likely to have died in England; much confusion of the two, however, has arisen from the fact that they had the same year of death.

5/10/2012 в 5:25 после полудня

If I am correct, 50% of the colony died that winter so a father/son dying is an issue for us but understandable.

Показаны все 7 сообщений

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