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Started by Justin Swanström on 2011年8月25日(星期四)


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2011年8月25日上午 6点57分

People who are new to DNA testing can be overwhelmed by the medical and biological mumbo-jumbo. It is hard to understand what you're paying for, how it works, and what you'll really find out.

A very nice guide, easy to understand, is Richard Hill's DNA Testing Guide, "How to Identify Ancestors and Confirm Relationships through DNA Testing."


And, when you get your test results, don't forget to add your most distant ancestor on that line to the right DNA project on Geni.

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2011年8月25日下午 7点06分

That IOGG has some really good information for new-comers as well, including comparisons of different DNA testing companies.


2011年8月26日下午 4点45分

Thx for ths info

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2011年8月28日上午 3点05分

If you have more general questions about DNA testing for genealogy, please read and post in this thread: http://www.geni.com/discussions/80820


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