Anne's husband John Clark

Начал Paul Clark Пятница, 26 Августа 2011


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26/8/2011 в 11:10 до полудня

This system has Anne married to the wrong John Clark. The John Clark she married was the son of John and Abigail Clark. (Abigail, maiden name not known, died shortly after, and John Sr. married Elizabeth Norman and they had 6 more children.) He, John Jr., was born in January 1676 in Watertown MA, and died June 22, 1730 in Newton MA. This John Clark was married only once. He and Ann Pierce Bird were married in 1697 in Dorchester MA.
This system has Anne's date of death 1697 - the date of her marriage, and so is a mistake. They had 6 children with birthdates ranging from 1698 to 1711. She died in either 1741 or 1748 - I've seen both.

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