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27/8/2011 в 10:37 после полудня

Was wondering if there is any documentation from archives to support the fact that a David Lumsden is the father of John Lumsden of Virginia.

If this is take from ancestry.com, it is erroneous. The site lists David Lumsden (b. 1686) as the son of Patrick Home and Jean Dalmoney. The wife of Patrick Home was actually Jean Dalmahoy, who was born in 1688 - 2 years after David was supposedly born which makes in an impossibility. Further, Jean and Patrick only had one son, John 2nd Baronet of Lumsden who never left Scotland.

The other David Lumsden around this time was one from Cushnie, but he died well before John Lumsden was born.

I'm very interested in finding John Lumsden's ancestors, hence the search for proof!

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