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8/28/2011 at 11:47 AM

A friend of mine who owns Mobinett Interactive, and its iPhone application "Plug" (an application for events, and collaboration between any people of like-minded interests) "liked" Geni and I thought I would give it a try. Funny how things work as I have always been interested in DNA, and scientific things in general, but by knowing who we are related to, and creating a place for all of us to talk, outside of Facebook, in person (God Forbid!), hopefully this will make things easier, you do not need to join in on this! However the people who will engage, will have more fun and a more plentiful experience, therefore drawing the rest in I believe. I work for a healthcare company and from what I see not only is the next step in healthcare improving the Dr- Patient relationship, but being better aware of family history, and preparing for anything already known (and that can actually be found by decoding your DNA as well), through active pursuit of family history, or scientific endeavors. So not only is this for our own well-being, knowledge, etc, but it is also to help us improve each others health over some length of time.

Another goal of mine is to build a website where we can share all of our things from pictures, videos, knowledge, etc. It can be username and password protected and like Facebook, certain people can only see certain things. Please help me in making all of this a reality as not only is it very interesting to learn about people who are in fact our family, but are just like ourselves, but it also will benefit all of us, and our children to have an extensive history to be proud of.

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