Jonathan Brewster & Lucretia Oldham

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Lucretia Brewster First Name Lucretia
Lucretia Brewster Last Name Brewster
Lucretia Brewster Maiden Name
Lucretia Brewster Display Name
Lucretia Brewster Place of Birth Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England
Lucretia Brewster Date of Baptism 1/14/1600
Lucretia Brewster Place of Baptism Darby, England
Lucretia Brewster Date of Burial 3/4/1671
Lucretia Brewster Place of Burial Preston, Ct, USA
Lucretia Brewster Date of Death 3/4/1678
Lucretia Brewster Place of Death Preston, New London, CT, USA
Lucretia Brewster Living Status Deceased
Lucretia Brewster Gender Female
Jonathan Brewster First Name Jonathan
Jonathan Brewster Last Name Brewster
Jonathan Brewster Display Name
Jonathan Brewster Date of Birth 8/12/1593
Jonathan Brewster Place of Birth Nottingham, England
Jonathan Brewster Date of Burial 1659
Jonathan Brewster Place of Burial Brewster Cemetery, Brewster's Neck, Preston, New London Co., Connecticut
Jonathan Brewster Date of Death 8/7/1659
Jonathan Brewster Place of Death New London, New London, Connecticut, United States
Jonathan Brewster Living Status Deceased
Jonathan Brewster Gender Male

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