Eadgyth: the oldest remains of an English princess

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Eadgyth First Name Ēadgȳð
Eadgyth Last Name
Eadgyth Suffix
Eadgyth Birth Surname
Eadgyth Display Name Eadgyth
Eadgyth Also Known As Also known as ‘Princess Edith of England’, ‘Edgitha’, ‘Editha’, ‘Edith’, ‘Ēadgȳð’, ‘Eadgyth’, ‘Ēadgith’, also Ædgyth, Princess of England /Edgitha/, Eadgyth, Edith, Ēadgy, Eadgdith
Eadgyth Date of Birth 908
Eadgyth Place of Birth Wessex, England
Eadgyth Date of Burial c. January 946
Eadgyth Place of Burial Cathedral of Saints Catherine and Maurice (Magdeburger Dom), Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Eadgyth Date of Death 1/26/946
Eadgyth Place of Death Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Eadgyth Living Status Deceased
Eadgyth Gender Female
Eadgyth Occupation Queen, Königin des Ostfrankenreiches, Prinsesse, Princess of England, Queen Consort of Germany, Duchess of Saxony, Impératrice, du Saint Empire Romain Germanique, Drottning och abbedissa som änka, Prinsesse av England
Eadgyth Ethnicity

The University of Bristol announced today, January 20th, the recent discovery of the remains of the Saxon Princess Eadgyth, possibly the oldest member of the English royal family whose remains have survived.


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