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DATATITL Ezekiel Eastman vol.3.FTW
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Joanna Ordway Date of Birth c. 1624
Joanna Ordway Date of Death 1/12/1693
Mrs. Thomas Corlisse Date of Birth c. 1591
Mrs. Thomas Corlisse Date of Death
George Corliss Date of Birth 10/26/1617
George Corliss Date of Death 10/19/1686
Jerusha Eastman Date of Birth 12/10/1712
Jerusha Eastman Date of Death
Samuel Kingsbury Date of Birth 3/25/1649
Samuel Kingsbury Date of Death 1698
Thomas Davis Date of Birth 1603
Christian Davis Date of Birth c. 1605
Ann (Kember) Date of Birth c. 1560
Ann (Kember) Date of Death 1626
Thomas Corliss Date of Birth 1603
Thomas Corliss Date of Death 7/27/1683
Ezekiel Eastman Date of Birth 1731
Ezekiel Eastman Date of Death 1790
John Davis Date of Birth c. 1560
John Davis Date of Death 11/21/1626
Peter Coffin Date of Birth 1580
Peter Coffin Date of Death 12/1/1627
Agnes Davis Date of Birth c. 1574
Agnes Davis Date of Death 1/23/1623
Joanna Coffin Date of Birth 1584
Joanna Coffin Date of Death 5/30/1661
Nicholas Coffin Date of Birth November 1561
Nicholas Coffin Date of Death 10/8/1613
Huldah Whittaker Date of Birth 11/18/1661
Huldah Whittaker Date of Death 9/26/1698
Christian Davis Date of Death 4/17/1688
Thomas Davis Date of Death 7/27/1683
Robert Thember Date of Birth 1556
Robert Thember Date of Death 1/23/1612


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