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Census - uploaded by Erin Spiceland on January 31, 2012


Thomas Jefferson Trout First Name Thomas
Thomas Jefferson Trout Last Name Trout
Thomas Jefferson Trout Birth Surname Trout
Thomas Jefferson Trout Display Name
Thomas Jefferson Trout Date of Birth 8/9/1862
Thomas Jefferson Trout Place of Birth
Thomas Jefferson Trout Living Status Deceased
Thomas Jefferson Trout Gender Male
Thomas Jefferson Trout Occupation
Thomas Jefferson Trout Ethnicity
Mainette Trout First Name Mainette
Mainette Trout Last Name Trout
Mainette Trout Birth Surname Trout
Mainette Trout Display Name
Mainette Trout Date of Birth January 1897
Mainette Trout Place of Birth AR, USA
Mainette Trout Living Status Deceased
Mainette Trout Gender Female
Mainette Trout Ethnicity
Ruby Nelson First Name Ruby
Ruby Nelson Last Name Nelson
Ruby Nelson Birth Surname Nelson
Ruby Nelson Display Name
Ruby Nelson Date of Birth 1903
Ruby Nelson Place of Birth AR, USA
Ruby Nelson Living Status Deceased
Ruby Nelson Gender Female
Ruby Nelson Ethnicity
Carl Trout First Name Carl
Carl Trout Last Name Trout
Carl Trout Birth Surname Trout
Carl Trout Display Name
Carl Trout Date of Birth 1901
Carl Trout Place of Birth AR, USA
Carl Trout Living Status Deceased
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Middle Name Adaline
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Last Name Nelson / Trout
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Display Name "Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner)
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Also Known As Addie
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Date of Birth 4/1/1883
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Place of Birth Wagoner, Wagoner, OK, USA
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Living Status Deceased
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Gender Female
"Addie" Letitia Adaline Nelson / Trout (Garner) Ethnicity
Albert Thomas Trout First Name Albert
Albert Thomas Trout Last Name Trout
Albert Thomas Trout Birth Surname Trout
Albert Thomas Trout Display Name
Albert Thomas Trout Date of Birth 7/21/1893
Albert Thomas Trout Place of Birth AR, USA
Albert Thomas Trout Living Status Deceased
Albert Thomas Trout Gender Male
Albert Thomas Trout Ethnicity
Carl Trout Gender Male
Carl Trout Ethnicity
Miles Trout First Name Miles
Miles Trout Last Name Trout
Miles Trout Birth Surname Trout
Miles Trout Display Name
Miles Trout Date of Birth 1903
Miles Trout Place of Birth OK, USA
Miles Trout Living Status Deceased
Miles Trout Gender Male
Miles Trout Ethnicity
Quincy Trout First Name Quincy
Quincy Trout Last Name Trout
Quincy Trout Birth Surname Trout
Quincy Trout Display Name
Quincy Trout Date of Birth 1904
Quincy Trout Place of Birth TN, USA
Quincy Trout Living Status Deceased
Quincy Trout Gender Male
Quincy Trout Ethnicity
Jewell Nelson First Name Jewell
Jewell Nelson Last Name Nelson
Jewell Nelson Birth Surname Nelson
Jewell Nelson Display Name
Jewell Nelson Date of Birth 1906
Jewell Nelson Place of Birth AR, USA
Jewell Nelson Living Status Deceased
Jewell Nelson Gender Female
Jewell Nelson Ethnicity
Johnnie Nelson First Name Johnnie
Johnnie Nelson Last Name Nelson
Johnnie Nelson Birth Surname Nelson
Johnnie Nelson Display Name
Johnnie Nelson Date of Birth 1909
Johnnie Nelson Place of Birth PA, USA
Johnnie Nelson Living Status Deceased
Johnnie Nelson Gender Female
Johnnie Nelson Ethnicity


Crawford, AR, USA