Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, page 149

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Col. Jacob Ford, Sr. First Name Jacob
Col. Jacob Ford, Sr. Last Name Ford
Col. Jacob Ford, Sr. Birth Surname Ford
Col. Jacob Ford, Sr. Display Name Col. Jacob Ford, Sr.
Col. Jacob Ford, Sr. Living Status Deceased
Col. Jacob Ford, Sr. Gender Male
John Ford, of Woodbridge First Name John
Samuel Ford First Name Samuel
Samuel Ford Last Name Ford
Samuel Ford Birth Surname Ford
Samuel Ford Living Status Deceased
Samuel Ford Gender Male
Elizabeth Ford First Name Elizabeth
Elizabeth Ford Last Name Ford
Elizabeth Ford Also Known As Widow Elizabeth, Lindsley
Elizabeth Ford Date of Birth 3/10/1681
Elizabeth Ford Place of Birth Axford, Wiltshire, England
Elizabeth Ford Date of Death 4/21/1772
Elizabeth Ford Place of Death Morristown, Morris, New Jersey
Elizabeth Ford Living Status Deceased
Elizabeth Ford Gender Female
John Ford, of Woodbridge Last Name Ford
John Ford, of Woodbridge Birth Surname Ford
John Ford, of Woodbridge Display Name
John Ford, of Woodbridge Living Status Deceased
John Ford, of Woodbridge Gender Male
John Ford, of Woodbridge Occupation Built the iron forge at Whippany
John Lindsley First Name John
John Lindsley Also Known As Lindsly
John Lindsley Living Status Deceased
John Lindsley Gender Male


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