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John G. Taylor, Sr. First Name John
John G. Taylor, Sr. Middle Name G.
John G. Taylor, Sr. Last Name Taylor
John G. Taylor, Sr. Display Name
John G. Taylor, Sr. Date of Birth 5/15/1808
John G. Taylor, Sr. Place of Birth Liberty Co., Georgia
John G. Taylor, Sr. Living Status Deceased
John G. Taylor, Sr. Gender Male
Eliza M. Taylor First Name Eliza
Eliza M. Taylor Middle Name M.
Eliza M. Taylor Last Name Taylor
Eliza M. Taylor Display Name
Eliza M. Taylor Date of Birth 9/20/1820
Eliza M. Taylor Place of Birth Liberty, GA, USA
Eliza M. Taylor Living Status Deceased
Eliza M. Taylor Gender Female
Julia Ann Futch First Name Julia
Julia Ann Futch Last Name Futch
Julia Ann Futch Maiden Name
Julia Ann Futch Display Name
Julia Ann Futch Date of Birth 1842
Julia Ann Futch Place of Birth GA, USA
Julia Ann Futch Living Status Deceased
Julia Ann Futch Gender Female
Harriet E. Carroll First Name Harriet
Harriet E. Carroll Last Name Carroll
Harriet E. Carroll Maiden Name
Harriet E. Carroll Display Name
Harriet E. Carroll Date of Birth 1846
Harriet E. Carroll Place of Birth GA, USA
Harriet E. Carroll Living Status Deceased
Harriet E. Carroll Gender Female
Mitchell M. Taylor First Name Mitchell
Mitchell M. Taylor Middle Name M.
Mitchell M. Taylor Last Name Taylor
Mitchell M. Taylor Display Name
Mitchell M. Taylor Date of Birth 7/10/1853
Mitchell M. Taylor Place of Birth Lowndes, GA, USA
Mitchell M. Taylor Living Status Deceased
Mitchell M. Taylor Gender Male
John T. Taylor, Jr. First Name John
John T. Taylor, Jr. Last Name Taylor
John T. Taylor, Jr. Suffix Jr.
John T. Taylor, Jr. Display Name
John T. Taylor, Jr. Date of Birth 1854
John T. Taylor, Jr. Place of Birth Lowndes, GA, USA
John T. Taylor, Jr. Living Status Deceased
John T. Taylor, Jr. Gender Male
Sarah Giddens First Name Sarah
Sarah Giddens Last Name Giddens
Sarah Giddens Display Name
Sarah Giddens Date of Birth 10/2/1828
Sarah Giddens Place of Birth Lowndes County, Georgia
Sarah Giddens Living Status Deceased
Sarah Giddens Gender Female
Mary M. Shaw First Name Mary
Mary M. Shaw Middle Name M.
Mary M. Shaw Last Name Shaw
Mary M. Shaw Maiden Name
Mary M. Shaw Display Name
Mary M. Shaw Date of Birth 1849
Mary M. Shaw Place of Birth Lowndes Co., GA
Mary M. Shaw Living Status Deceased
Mary M. Shaw Gender Female
Aaron A. Parrish First Name Aaron
Aaron A. Parrish Middle Name A.
Aaron A. Parrish Last Name Parrish
Aaron A. Parrish Display Name
Aaron A. Parrish Date of Birth 2/10/1856
Aaron A. Parrish Place of Birth GA, USA
Aaron A. Parrish Living Status Deceased
Aaron A. Parrish Gender Male
Susan Matilda Parrish First Name Susan
Susan Matilda Parrish Middle Name Matilda
Susan Matilda Parrish Last Name Parrish
Susan Matilda Parrish Maiden Name
Susan Matilda Parrish Display Name
Susan Matilda Parrish Date of Birth 1859
Susan Matilda Parrish Place of Birth
Susan Matilda Parrish Living Status Deceased
Susan Matilda Parrish Gender Female
William Bartow Parrish First Name William
William Bartow Parrish Middle Name Bartow
William Bartow Parrish Last Name Parrish
William Bartow Parrish Display Name
William Bartow Parrish Date of Birth 8/8/1861
William Bartow Parrish Place of Birth GA, USA
William Bartow Parrish Living Status Deceased
William Bartow Parrish Gender Male
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons First Name Mary
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Middle Name Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Last Name Sirmons
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Maiden Name
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Display Name
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Date of Birth 12/6/1859
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Place of Birth Ray City, Berrien, GA, USA
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Living Status Deceased
Mary Elizabeth Sirmons Gender Female
John G. Taylor, Sr. Birth Surname Taylor
Mitchell M. Taylor Birth Surname Taylor


Berrien, GA, USA


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