From the book, "Ancestors of Robert Abell" by Horace A. Abell Call number CS71.A15

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Peter Tallman of Henry Tallman First Name Peter
Peter Tallman of Henry Tallman Last Name Tallman
Peter Tallman of Henry Tallman Date of Birth c. 2/23/1623
Peter Tallman of Henry Tallman Date of Death 4/1/1708
Susanna Way (Tallman) First Name Susanna
Susanna Way (Tallman) Birth Surname Tallman
John Tallman First Name John
John Tallman Last Name Tallman
Dr. Peter Talman First Name Peter
Dr. Peter Talman Last Name Tallman
Joan Tallman First Name Joan
Joan Tallman Birth Surname Briggs
Samuel Tallman First Name Samuel
Samuel Tallman Last Name Tallman
William Wilbore, Jr. Last Name Wilbore William Wilbur
Joseph Tallman First Name Joseph
Joseph Tallman Last Name Tallman
Susanna Way (Tallman) Last Name Way Susanna Beckett
Benjamin Tallman First Name Benjamin
Benjamin Tallman Last Name Tallman
James Tallman, M.D. First Name James
James Tallman, M.D. Last Name Tallman
William Wilbore, Jr. First Name William
Esther Tallman First Name Esther
Esther Tallman Last Name Tallman
Mary Pearce (Tallman) Birth Surname Tallman
William Potter First Name William
Isaac Lawton First Name Isaac
Isaac Lawton Last Name Lawton
Israel Shaw First Name Israel
Israel Shaw Last Name Shaw
Israel Shaw, Sr. First Name Israel
Israel Shaw, Sr. Last Name Shaw
Mary Pearce (Tallman) First Name Mary
Mary Pearce (Tallman) Last Name Pearce
Jonathan Tallman First Name Jonathan
Jonathan Tallman Last Name Tallman
Ann Tallman (Hill) First Name Ann
Ann Tallman (Hill) Birth Surname Hill
Phillip Hill First Name Phillip
Phillip Hill Last Name Hill
William Potter Last Name Potter

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