1900 US Census — Joseph Green

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Census - uploaded by Grant Brünner on September 26, 2011


Joseph Green First Name Joseph
Joseph Green Last Name Green
Joseph Green Date of Birth February 1840
Joseph Green Place of Birth Bridgnorth, UK
Joseph Green Living Status Deceased
Joseph Green Gender Male
Joseph Green Occupation Carpet Weaver
Joseph Green Ethnicity
Charles Burdett Murray First Name Charles
Charles Burdett Murray Last Name Murray
Charles Burdett Murray Date of Birth 11/11/1872
Charles Burdett Murray Place of Birth NY, USA
Charles Burdett Murray Gender Male
Charles Burdett Murray Occupation Carpenter
Charles Burdett Murray Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Christiana Murray First Name Christiana
Christiana Murray Last Name Murray
Christiana Murray Date of Birth 1/20/1878
Christiana Murray Place of Birth Dewsbury, Yorkshire, UK
Christiana Murray Gender Female
Christiana Murray Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Elizabeth Green First Name Elizabeth
Elizabeth Green Last Name Green
Elizabeth Green Date of Birth c. 1843
Elizabeth Green Place of Birth Dewsbury, Yorkshire, UK
Elizabeth Green Gender Female
Elizabeth Green Ethnicity

June 20, 1900

Albany, NY, USA


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