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Rev. David Carnegie First Name David
Rev. David Carnegie Middle Name
Rev. David Carnegie Date of Birth 1864
Rev. David Carnegie Place of Birth Angus, Scotland
Rev. David Carnegie Date of Death 1/29/1910
Rev. David Carnegie Place of Death Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
Rev. David Carnegie Occupation Missionary
William Arnold Carnegie First Name William Arnold
William Arnold Carnegie Middle Name
William Arnold Carnegie Last Name Carnegie
Alfred Alexander Carnegie First Name Alfred Alexander
Alfred Alexander Carnegie Middle Name
Alfred Alexander Carnegie Last Name Carnegie
Jessie Margaret Lloyd First Name Jessie Margaret
Jessie Margaret Lloyd Middle Name
Jessie Margaret Lloyd Last Name Lloyd
Muriel Kolbe Palmer First Name Muriel Kolbe
Muriel Kolbe Palmer Middle Name
Muriel Kolbe Palmer Last Name Palmer
Theodore Arthur Carnegie First Name Theodore Arthur
Theodore Arthur Carnegie Middle Name
Theodore Arthur Carnegie Last Name Carnegie
Balfour Johnston Carnegie First Name Balfour Johnston
Balfour Johnston Carnegie Middle Name
Balfour Johnston Carnegie Last Name Carnegie
Mary Helen Sandby-Thomas First Name Mary Helen
Mary Helen Sandby-Thomas Middle Name
Mary Helen Sandby-Thomas Last Name Sandby-Thomas
Dorothy Allison Unwin "Dopsey" Camors First Name Dorothy Allison Unwin "Dopsey"
Dorothy Allison Unwin "Dopsey" Camors Middle Name
Dorothy Allison Unwin "Dopsey" Camors Last Name Camors