John Hull, born 18 Dec 1624, died 1 Oct 1683

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Hannah Quincy Sewall First Name Hannah Hannah
Hannah Quincy Sewall Gender Female Female
Hannah Quincy Sewall Birth Surname Hull Hull
Judge Samuel Sewall (misc) Married Hannah Hull
Judge Samuel Sewall Gender Male Male
Judge Samuel Sewall First Name Samuel Samuel
Judge Samuel Sewall Last Name Sewall Sewall
Judith Hull Place of Death Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA Boston, MA
John Hull Last Name Hull Hull
Judith Hull Birth Surname Quincy Quincy
John Hull Date of Death 10/1/1683 1 Oct 1683
Judith Hull First Name Judith Judith
John Hull Place of Birth Harborough, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom Harborough, Leicester, England
Judith Hull Place of Burial Hull's Tomb, Boston, MA
John Hull First Name John John
Judith Hull Date of Birth c. 9/3/1626 3 Sep 1626
John Hull Date of Birth 12/18/1624 18 Dec 1624
John Hull Gender Male Male
John Hull Occupation Master of the Mint, Treasurer Mass. Colony Bay 1676 Silversmith
John Hull Place of Death Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Judith Hull Place of Birth England Achurch Northamptonshire England
John Hull Living Status Deceased Deceased
Judith Hull Date of Death 6/22/1695 22 Jun 1695
Judith Hull Gender Female female
Judith Hull Living Status Deceased deceased
Judith Hull Date of Burial 24 Jun 1695



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