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Census - uploaded by Andrew Jay Halvorsen on May 31, 2013


Carrie B. Halvorsen Occupation
Carrie B. Halvorsen Gender Female
Carrie B. Halvorsen Living Status Deceased
Carrie B. Halvorsen Place of Birth Highlandville, IA, USA
Carrie B. Halvorsen Date of Birth 4/9/1865
Carrie B. Halvorsen Last Name Halvorsen
Carrie B. Halvorsen First Name Carrie
Agnes L. Halvorsen Occupation
Agnes L. Halvorsen Gender Female
Agnes L. Halvorsen Living Status Deceased
Agnes L. Halvorsen Place of Birth Forest City, IA, USA
Agnes L. Halvorsen Date of Birth 10/5/1891
Agnes L. Halvorsen Last Name Halvorsen
Agnes L. Halvorsen First Name Agnes
Herbert Halvorsen Occupation
Herbert Halvorsen Gender Male
Herbert Halvorsen Living Status Deceased
Herbert Halvorsen Place of Birth Forest City, IA, USA
Herbert Halvorsen Date of Birth 1882
Herbert Halvorsen Last Name Halvorsen
Herbert Halvorsen First Name Herbert
Isak Halvorsen Occupation
Isak Halvorsen Gender Male
Isak Halvorsen Living Status Deceased
Isak Halvorsen Place of Birth Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway
Isak Halvorsen Date of Birth 10/2/1854
Isak Halvorsen Last Name Halvorsen
Isak Halvorsen First Name Isak

April 7, 1930

Forest City, Winnebago, Iowa, United States


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