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Adam Pugh Welker

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Alpine, Utah, Utah, USA
Смерть: Умер в Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
Место погребения: Bloomington Cemetery, Bloomington, Bear lake, Idaho, USA
Ближайшие родственники:

Son of James Wilburn Welker и Annie Welker
Husband of Clara Welker
Father of Roy Anson Welker; Raymond Welker; Georgina Welker; Rose Floyd; George Adam Welker и ещё 3
Brother of {$w0} Welker; Hettie Esther Dunn; Philena Welker; Orlena Emaline Palmer; James Albert Welker и ещё 4
Half brother of Isabelle Jane Ackroyd; Susan Eveline Welker; Sarah Welker; Francis Marion Welker; Harris Alexander Welker и ещё 3

Менеджер: Della Dale Smith-Pistelli
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Ближайшие родственники

About Adam Pugh Welker


Adam Pugh Welker was the fifth child born to James Wilburn and Anna Pugh Welker. He was born in Alpine, Utah, February 4, 1853. Soon after his birth his family moved to Willard, Utah, where they resided until 1864, when they moved to Bloomington, Idaho. Adam, an alert, strong boy of eleven helped erect the crude log cabin, and also grubbed sagebrush, built bridges, fences, and opened roads.

During the winter seasons he attended the humble schools of the day. Before the age of twenty he had spent two years carrying the mail on snowshoes between Bloomington and Franklin, Idaho. He helped in many ways to build up the town of Bloomington and was known as an honest, forthright man, and was well-loved in the community.

On February 1, 1878, he married Clara Osmond, the oldest daughter of George and Georgina Osmond. This was a very happy union, blessed with eight children. They were Roy, Anson, Ray, Georgina, Rose, George, Nina, Pearl and Clara.

Clara Osmond was born at Bountiful, Utah, December 4, 1857, to pioneer parents who had heard the gospel in England, and came to the States to worship as they, pleased. Her parents had been used to the nicer things in life, and they tried to maintain their pioneer home to this higher standard. Clara was a refined, lovely woman, and a hard worker. As a small child, she awoke one night to look up at the stars - the roof of their house had been blown away by a strong wind. This occurred at Willard, Utah.

Also, while her parents, were homesteading at Willard, Clara and her mother had a very frightening experience when Indians came to their home while all the men were away working. They carried off valuable trinkets her mother had brought from England. But when a squaw tried to steal the wheat that Clara and her mother had gleaned from nearby fields through the hot summer, the mother grabbed it away from the squaw, refusing to let it go. Clara saw the Indian draw a long bladed knife and pleaded with her mother to let the wheat go, but Sister Osmond refused. The squaw, seeing her determination, mumbled something about bringing bucks back to get it. They pushed all of the furniture against the doors and windows and sat up all night expecting trouble, but none developed. Clara vividly remembered these incidents all of her life.

Clara was a flower and garden lover, and her grandchildren remember her fine vegetables, abundant raspberries, and her beautiful flowers. Her children were her pride and joy, and she suffered greatly , when young George was accidentally shot and killed by a companion while hunting. Her hair turned white almost over night at this tragic time in 1899. Later, her daughter Nina, a promising young school teacher, was stricken with a creeping paralysis and died. Then a son, Ray, was killed while an engineer on a train.

Clara Osmond Welker died April 26, 1936, while her oldest son, Roy Anson, was presiding over the German-Austrian Mission at Berlin, Germany. Her burial was beside her husband and children at Bloomington cemetery.


WELKER, ADAM (son of James Wilburn Welker and Annie Pugh). Born Feb. 4, 1853, Alpine, Utah.

Married Clara Osmond Feb. 1, 1878, Bloomington, Idaho (daughter of George Osmond and Georgina Huckvale, pioneers 1855, Hooper and Williams company), who was born Dec. 4, 1856. Their children: Roy Anson b. Nov. 9, 1878, m. Lizzie Hoge June 7, 1906; Raymond b. Sept. 19, 1830, m. Libbie Wright Nov. 9, 1904; Georgina b. Feb. 9, 1883, m. Milton Floyd June 27, 1906; Rosa b. Feb. 9, 1886; George Adam b. April 18, 1888, d. June 24, 1899; Nina b. Sept. 6, 1891; Pearl b. Aug. 4, 1896; Clara b. March 6, 1903. Family home Bloomington, Bear Lake Co., Utah.

Active church worker. Settler In Willard, Utah; moved to Bloomington 1864. Mail carrier two years between Bloomington and Franklin.

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Хронология {$w0} Pugh Welker

4 Февраля 1853
Alpine, Utah, Utah, USA
9 Ноября 1878
Возраст 25
Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
19 Сентября 1880
Возраст 27
Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
9 Февраля 1883
Возраст 30
Bloomington, ID, USA
9 Февраля 1886
Возраст 33
Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
18 Апреля 1888
Возраст 35
Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
4 Август 1891
Возраст 38
Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
5 Сентября 1896
Возраст 43
Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA
6 Март 1903
Возраст 50
Bloomington, Bear Lake County, Idaho, USA
20 Января 1926
Возраст 72
Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA