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Ageltruda di Benevento

Прозвища: "Angeltrude", "Agilmunda"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Benevento, Italy
Смерть: Умер в Spoleto, Italy
Ближайшие родственники:

Daughter of Adelchis, principe di Benevento и N.N. de Nantes
Wife of Guido di Spoleto, 7th Holy Roman Emperor
Mother of Gunderad di Spoleto; Lambert II di Spoleto, 8th Holy Roman Emperor и Guido IV di Spoleto, principe di Benevento
Half sister of Aio, principe di Benevento; Radelchis II, principe di Benevento и N.N. di Benevento

Менеджер: Jocelynn Elaine Oakes
Последнее обновление:

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Daughter of Adelchis, prince of Benevento, and Adeltrude, she was a Langobard and married with Wido III of the Widonides, marquis of Camerino, in the 880s. Soon she bore him a child, Lambert II.

Wido III had a brilliant rise inheriting the duchy of Spoleto in 882/3, bdding for the crown of West Francia in 888, conquering the crown of Italy in 889 and the imperial one in 891. He died, however, in 894, leaving a young heir. Ageltrude stepped in as regent of her son, had pope Formosus forced to recognise him emperor, and directed the supporters of her family in a war against Berengar of Friuli, ultimately preserving the kingdom for her son, who died in 898 without issue.

There are few information about the destiny of Ageltrude after that: Spoleto and Camerino lost to vassals of Berengar and other properties taken by enemies, she might have returned to Benevento under the protection of her family. She died on August 27th, 923.

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