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Balderic "le Teuton", Lord of Bacqueville, Aunou, Courcy, Neuville, Bocquencé

Latin: Baldricus "le Teuton", Lord of Bacqueville, Aunou, Courcy, Neuville, Bocquencé
Also Known As: "Baudry", "Baldricus", "The German", "'the /German'/", "Balderic", "Balderick", "Baldrick", "seigneur de Bacqueville le Teutonique(Balderich SEUTON) (Balderich de COURCY) (Baldric de COURCY)"
Birthplace: Bacqueville-en-Caux, Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France
Death: Died
Immediate Family:

Son of Wigerius and N.N.
Husband of N.N. daughter of Geoffrey
Father of Foulques d'Aunou; Nicolas de Bacqueville, Seigneur de Bacqueville-en-Caux; Richard 'Teutonicus' de Neuville; Hawise fitz Baldric de Courcy; Robert I de Courcy and 3 others
Brother of Wigerius II, seigneur de Beaugency and Elizabeth de Courcy?, Nun at St. Amand

Occupation: Sieur, de Beaugency, Lord of Bacqueville en Caux under Duke William., sgr de Bocquencé (Bauquencei), avec son frère Wiger, Duc de Neville - Seigneur de Bacqueville
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About Baldric Teutonicus

Quoted from Olderic Vitalis:

Et saepe Fatus Baldricus Magnae Nobilitatis fuit, Gilbertus Comes Brionnae, Nepos Richardi Ducis Normannorum Baldrico Teutonico (qui cum Wigerio Fratre suo in Normanniam venerat Richardo Duci servire) Neptem suam in conjugium dedit; ex qua nati sunt sex Filii, et plures Filiae, Nicholaus scilicet de Bachevilla, et Fulco de Alnou, Robertus de Courceio, et Richardus de Nvavilla, Baldricus de Balgenzaio, et Wigerius Apuiliensis, &c.

Excerpt from "ON THE NORMAN ANCESTRY OF THE NEVILS, AND THE ORIGIN OF THE ARMORIAL BEARINGS OF THE LINE OF RABY." by J. R. PLANCHE, ESQ., SOMERSET HERALD, T.P. in Journal of the British Archaeological Association, Vol. 22. London, 1866. P. 281:

...It is clear, from a passage in Ordericus Vitalis, that the Norman family of Nevil issued from a Teutonic stock, some members of which appear to have offered their services to Richard, second Duke of Normandy, and to have held high office, contracted important alliances, and were actually lords of large fiefs in England previous to the conquest. Baldric Teutonicus was lord of Bacqueville en Caux, and archearius under Duke William. He married a niece of Gilbert Comte de Brionne, grandson of Duke Richard I, and Regent of Normandy in 1040. Ordericus makes frequent mention of Baldric and of his brother Vigerius or Wiger; and a charter by the former shews that he had a sister Elizabeth, who was a nun at St. Amand. This charter being granted with the consent of William, king of the English, proves that Baldric was living at least as late as 1066. By his wife, whose name has not yet transpired, but who, as I have stated, was the niece of the powerful Gilbert Count of Brionne, and therefore a great granddaughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy, he had six sons and two daughters:—

1, Nicholas, who succeeded to his fief of Bacqueville en Caux, and thence called " de Bacqueville";

2, Foulk d'Anou, so named from his fief of Anou le Faucon in Normandy, and who furnished forty ships for the Conqueror's invasion of England;

3, Robert, surnamed De Courcy from his fief of Gourde sur Dive;

4, Richard, the first of the name of Nevil, being called "de Novavilla" or " de Neuville," from his fief of Neuville sur Tocque in the department of the Orne, the arrondissement of Argenton, and the canton of Gace;

5, Baldric, surnamed De Balgenzais from his fief of Bonquence or Bonquency; and

6, Vigerius or Wiger, named after his uncle, and also called Apulensis, having been born, probably, in Apulia;

7, Elizabeth, named after her aunt, and married to Fulk de Boneval; and

8, Hawisia, wife of that Robert Fitz Erneis who fought and fell in the battle of Hastings. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ See: Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants, Compiled by J. Orton Buck, and Timothy Beard, 1978, published by the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne, page 292


"Balderic, the elder son, styled by the Norman writers Teutonicus, the Germany, is honourably mentioned in their histories, as a stout and warlike commander. He married the niece of Gilbert, Earl of Brion in Normandy [1], and daughter of Richard de Clare, Earl of Clare, by whom he had seven daughters and six sons.

1) Nicholas, surnamed de Bacqueville, who by the niece of Gunnora, Dutchess of Normandy, had two sons, William Martell, Earl Warren in Normandy (who left that surname to his posterity) created Earl of Surry by the Conqueror; and Walter de St Martin, the father of Roger, surnamed de Mortimer, who attended the conqueror, subdued Edrich, Earl of Shrewsbury, did thereupon enjoy Wigmore-Castle, and was ancestor to the Mortimers, ancient Barons of England, and to the Earls of March and Ulster.

2) Fulke D’Alnou

3) Robert de Courcei, Ancestor to the Lord Kingsale.

4) Richard de Nova-Villa (Nevil) father of Gilbert, who attended the Norman Duke to England, in quality of his Admiral, and gave rise to the noble spreading family of Nevil.

5) Balderic de Beaugency

6) Wigerious, or Wigman of Apulia



Born: ABT 1054

Notes: The Norman family of Nevill came from Teutonic stock. Baldrick was Lord of Bacqueville en Caux under Duke William. He married a niece of Gilbert Compte De Brionne, a grandson of duke Richard I who was regent of Normandy in 1040.

Father: Wigerius TEUTONICUS

Mother: ¿?

Married: Rohaise De CLARE (dau. of Richard De Clare, 1° E. Clare, and Rohese Giffard) ABT 1078


1. Gunnora De ANJOU


3. Robert De COURSY

4. Fulke De ANJOU

5. Richard "Teutonicus" De NOVAVILLA

6. Balderick De BEAUGENCY

7. Wigerius De APULIA



John C. Francis, Notes and Queries, Eighth Series, Volume Nine (London), Jane-June 1896, p. 376

Baudry le Teuton (8th S. ix. 308).—Ordericus Vitalis says that Baudry came to Normandy with his brother Wiger and entered the service of Duke Richard. He gives no hint of his origin, but says Gilbert de Brionne (ancestor of the Clares and of the ducal blood) gave his niece (Neptis) in marriage to him. He (Baudry) is said to have been son of Wiger, son of Charles, Duke of Lorraine, but on what authority I know not. Charles, last surviving son of Louis d’Outremer, died 991, and was succeeded by his son Otto. On the latter's death in 1005 the duchy was conferred on another family. Otto had two sisters, one of whom (Gerberga) married Lambert, Count of Louvaine, and curiously enough one of her sons was named Baldric, Bishop of Liege, and on his nephew's death Count of Louvaine. This Baldric seems also, or after, to have borne the name of his father Lambert. He is mentioned here because the name never appears in the received pedigree of the Carlovingian race. Can it be that the Baudry was an illegitimate son or grandson of Duke Charles? He certainly never seems to have claimed the duchy of Lorraine; not that that tells much. Six of Baudry’s sons are given by Orderic. Richard was pretty certainly the ancestor of the first race of Nevilles, and by a great-great-granddaughter of the great Nevilles. Fulk, another son, was the progenitor of the D’Aunous, and after, it is said, of the Pauletts. From Robert, still another son, came the Courcys, as the querist states. But the Mortimers and the great Warenne family came, it is generally understood, from Hugh, Bishop of Coutances, who was living in 1020, and so a contemporary of Baudry.

A granddaughter of Baudry, daughter of his son Nicholas de Bacqueville (the ancestor, by-the-by, of the Baskervilles and not improbably of the St. Martins), married a Hugues de Varenne, son of Gripon. Provost calls him de Varham, and makes him brother of the head of the Martels. Whether Hugues was De Varenne or De Varham, I cannot see any connexion with the great Warennes. The ‘Norman People,’ a very high authority, does, indeed, trace the Mortimers and the Warennes to Walter de St. Martin, son of the above Nicholas de Bacqueville, but I can see no ground for this derivation, and it seems against the weight of evidence and, as the author of that book gives it, against chronology. T. W. Aston Clinton.


The following information, which indicates that there is not much solid evidence on Baldric, is contained in a post-em by Curt Hoffeman, curt_hofemann AT Based on it, I added Aimee de Brionne as a wife. However I kept Muriel as mother of Baldric's 1st two children. However unlikely, this leaves Baldric marrying 1st the illegitimate daughter of Richard I of Normandy, and 2nd his great granddaughter.

FWIW (caveat emptor):

But the names "GILBERT" and "GEOFFREY" as the early ancestors of the DE NEVILLES on your list might indicate some likelihood that Baudric's wife was indeed a niece of Gilbert de Brionne, as written by Orderic. Orderic not only stated the fact about the niece of GILBERT marrying "BALDRIC," but named their six sons, including Nicholas DE BASKERVILLE and Richard DE NEVILLE, according to P. H. Baskervill...

In my letter to GEN-MEDIEVAL, I also said that BAUDRY/BAUDRIC le TEUTON and his brother WIGER came to Normandy and put themselves at the service of WILLIAM I, but it was not WILLIAM I, but WILLIAM's grandfather, Richard II of Normandy (996-1026) they served under, according to Orderic.

Abbe' Daoust states that BAUDRY married AUBREE, niece of Gilbert DE BRIONNE. This is the first place I have seen the name of the niece. [Ref: Kay Roemer <roemer222 AT> 9 Jan 2001 message to Gen-Medieval]

I have read that Gilbert's (de Brionne) niece Aubree married Baudric le Teuton and named a son Fulk, who later became Fulk d'Aunou. [Ref: Kay Roemir roemer222 AT 24 Jan 2001 message to Gen-Medieval]

Balderic Teutonicus (Baudric le Teuton, Baudry the Teutonique, Baldricus) who had a brother Wigere. They together traveled east to assist their friend the Duke of Normandy. They were the sons of

Wigelius de Courcie, the son of

Charles, the son of

Charles, Duke of Lorraine, who was the son of

Charles III, King of France, Born on 17 sept. 879 & died oct. 7, 929. [Ref: Nietzsche <Nietzsche AT GNN.COM> 12 Nov 1995 message to Gen-Medieval citing: "Royal Ancestry of the Magna Carta Barons" by Carr. P. Collins Jr. ] note: I am seriously skeptical of this ascent - basis?... Curt

Research note: Baldricus Teutonicus De Bacqueville, Lord Bacqueville & Caux... (married) Denefacta De Brienne (dau of Robert De Brienne, Count of Eu & Beatrice De Falaise [Ref: (unsourced)]


Two bits of information I have found about Baldric, don't know how accurate they are.

“In 1033 Baldric the Teuton, a knight of Robert, Duke of Normandy, was made the first feudal lord of Bacqueville.Baldric had married a great grand-daughter of Richard the first duke of Normandy, and had six sons. The oldest son Nicholas, born in 999, succeeded to his father's lordship and became known as Nicholas de Bacqueville. Nicholas had a son Walter, who was known as Walter Martel (the hammer) de Baskerville. From one of Walter's sons the Norman family of Martell was descended; while another of his sons, Robert de Baskerville, left Normandy for the new Norman frontier in western England”

"Born perhaps 975/980. Living in 1060. Baudric is described (circa 1050) as the archer of Duke William (William the Conquerer), apparently holding the office of the chief of archers. In the feudal hierachy, Baudric was in the service of Arnauld, a powerful and influential Norman noble, but was transferred to the Abbey of St. Evroul-en-Ouche, to which Baudric granted his estate at St. Evroul and other properties in thanks of having been relieved from Arnauld's oppression. This abbey, founded in 560 had been abandoned and then restored about 1050. Baudric's fief of Bauquencei (separate from the fief of Bacqueville-en-Caux) henceforth was held under allegiance to the Abbot Robert.The fief of Bacqueville had been the seat of the family for 200 years. Its castle was apparently destroyed in 1159 when King Henry invaded Normandy. Six male children. Also sons-in-law Wascelin d'Echanfre and Roger de Merlerault. A third daughter Hawise married Robert Fitz Erneis. Elizabeth who married Fulk de Boneval may also have been his daughter, not is sister.”

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Baldric Teutonicus's Timeline

Bacqueville-en-Caux, Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France
Age 13
Aunou, Orne, Normandy, France
Age 22
Castle, Martel, Germany
Age 23
Neuville-sur-Touques, Gacé, Argentan, Orne, Basse-Normandie, France
Age 42
Age 43
Eure, Haute-Normandie, France
Age 43
Courcy-Sur-Dives, Normandy, France
Age 56
Age 56