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Burchard I von Thurgau, Herzog von Schwaben

Birthplace: Thurgau (Thurgovia), Frankish Empire, Born between 855 and 860
Death: Died in died 5 or 23 November 911
Cause of death: Slain/executed for treason
Immediate Family:

Son of Adalbert II, count in the Thurgau and Judith Friuli, Duchess of Bavaria
Husband of Liutgard von Sachsen; Unknown wife of Burchard and Berthilde von Schwaben
Father of Burchard II, duke of Swabia; Thietburga von Schwaben-Burkarde; Thietburg von Räthien and Odalric (Udalrich) von Rathien
Brother of Manegold; Evrard Ier De Nellenbourg and Adalbert III von Thurgau
Half brother of Berengar Graf in der Hattenhuntare; Adelgunde of Burgundy; Adalbert III, count palatine of Franconia; Adelheid van Metz; Gisela von Nellenburg and 1 other

Occupation: Count in Thurgau, Count in Baar (893), Margrave of Rhaetia (891/911), Duke of Swabia (865-911)
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About Burchard I, duke of Swabia


Burchard I, Duke of Swabia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Burchard I (died 5 or 23 November 911) was the duke of Swabia from 909 to his death and margrave of Rhaetia, as well as count in the Thurgau and Baar. Born between 855 and 860, he was the son of Adalbert II, count in the Thurgau. He himself married Liutgard of Saxony.

By 900, Burchard was already the most powerful man in Swabia. In 904, he was the administrator of the lands of the abbey of Lorsch in Swabia. He succeeded, around 909, Ruadulf (a Welf) as dux or marchio (duke of margrave) of Raetia Secunda (the borderlands of Rhaetia). Burchard entered into a conflict with the Count Palatine Erchanger and Bishop Solomon III of Constance, who were loyal to King Conrad I. Burchard was captured and charged with high treason. He was found guilty by the tribal council and executed, along with his brother, Adalbert III of Thurgau. His son, Burchard II, and daughter-in-law, Regelinda, left for Italy, either exiled or taking refuge. Their Rhaetian estates were lost, though later recovered. Burchard I's second son, Odalric, had already died young.

The state of Swabia relative to the other stem duchies was highly disorganized at the time of Burchard I and he was never duke in the sense of the later dukes. He is usually called such only to distinguish him as the most powerful man in the duchy and the forerunner of the later dukes: the first being Erchanger, proclaimed duke by the nobility, but not the king, in 915.


Leyser, Karl. Communications and Power in Medieval Europe: The Carolingian and Ottonian Centuries. London, 1994.


BURKHARD [I], son of ADALBERT [II] "der Erlauchte" Graf im Thurgau [Hunfridinger] & his wife --- (-killed in battle [5 Nov] 911). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Markgraf in Rätien 891/911. "Hludowicus…rex" confirmed privileges to Kloster St Gallen by charter dated 24 Jun 903 in which among "fidelium nostrum" was listed "Purchart marchio Curiensis Rætiæ"[33]. "Hludowicus…rex" confirmed an exchange of properties between Kloster Fulda and Kloster Echternach after consulting "fidelium nostrorum comitum vero Kebeharti, Liutpoldi, Burcharti, Eginonis, Liutfredi, Iringi et Cunpoldi" by charter dated 19 Mar 907[34]. "Hludowicus…rex" donated property "in pago Palanichoge in comitatu Egenonis in loco Ingilinstat" to Hatto Archbishop of Mainz after consulting "fidelium nostrorum comitum vero Burchardi, Egenonis et Ysaac" by charter dated 8 Jun 908[35]. [Duke of Swabia]. Herimannus records the death in 911 of "Burchardus dux Alamanniæ…orto tumultu occisus est"[36]. The Annales Alamannicorum record that "Purghart comes et princeps Alamannorum" was killed in 911 by "Anshelmo"[37].

m ---. The name of Burkhard's wife is not known.

Burkhard [I] & his wife had three children:

1. ULRICH (-30 Sep ----). The Annales Alamannicorum name (in order) "Purchardo et Uodalricho" as sons of "Purghart comes et princeps Alamannorum" specifying that they were expelled from Swabia when their father was killed in 911[38]. Graf im Zürichgau 902/[914/15]. Graf im Thurgau 912/17.

2. BURKHARD [II] (-murdered Novara 28/29 Apr 926). The Annales Alamannicorum name (in order) "Purchardo et Uodalricho" as sons of "Purghart comes et princeps Alamannorum" specifying that they were expelled from Swabia when their father was killed in 911[39]. The Annales Alamannicorum record the rebellion against the king of "Burchardus iunior" in 914[40]. He succeeded in 917 as BURKHARD II Duke of Swabia. "Heinricus…rex" granted property to "in pago Hegouue in eodem comitatu [Burchardi]…in loco Siginga" to "Baboni…comitis Burchardi vassallo" after consultation with "Burchardi, Ebarhardi, Chuonradi, Heinrici atque Utonis…comitum" by charter dated 30 Nov 920[41]. It is not certain that "Burchardi" refers to the duke of Swabia, although the charter is dated during the period during which the title dux was not consistently used in contemporary documentation and no other Burkhard has yet been identified to whom it can refer. He was killed during an expedition to northern Italy in support of his son-in-law Rudolf King of Burgundy[42]. Herimannus records that "Burghardus dux" was killed in 926[43]. The Annales Sangallenses specify that he was killed in Italy[44]. m (before 911) as her first husband, REGINLIND, daughter of [EBERHARD [I] Graf im Zürichgau] & his wife Gisela --- (-Ufenau Island 958 after 29 Apr). The Annales Alamannicorum record that "Gisle…socrui Purchardi iunioris" donated all her property to St Peter's in 911[45]. Regino records that "viduam Burchardi" married "Herimanno"[46]. She married secondly Hermann I Duke of Swabia [Konradiner]. The Liber Anniversariorum of Einsiedeln records in Aug the donation of "Stevegeia, Kaltbrunnen et Lindowa" by "domina Regelinda cum filio suo Burcardo duce"[47]. "Otto…rex" granted property "in pago Zuriggaui in comitatu Liudonis commitis" to "Erig" at the request of "Regilinde…comitisse" by charter dated 10 Mar 952[48]. "Otto…rex" donated property "in pago Engrisgouue in comitatu Uualtbrahtti in loco…Uuidhergis" to "matrone fidelique nostre Reginlind" at the request of "Burghardi ducis" by charter dated 29 Apr 958[49]. Duke Burkhard II & his wife had three children:

a) BURKHARD [III] (-12 Nov 973, bur Reichenau Island). His parentage is proved by the Liber Anniversariorum of Einsiedeln which records the donation by "domina Regelinda cum filio suo Burcardo duce"[50]. He was installed in 954 as BURKHARD III Duke of Swabia after the duchy was confiscated from Liudolf, son of Otto I King of Germany. "Otto…rex" donated property "in ducatu Alamannico in comitatu Burchardi ducis Durgeuue…in villa Askinza" which had been confiscated from "Gundranmus comes" to Kloster Einsiedeln by charter dated 6 Jan 958[51]. "Otto…rex" donated property "in pago Engrisgouue in comitatu Uualtbrahtti in loco…Uuidhergis" to "matrone fidelique nostre Reginlind" at the request of "Burghardi ducis" by charter dated 29 Apr 958[52]. Herimannus records the death in 973 of "Purghardus dux Alamanniæ" and his burial "in capella sancti Erasmi"[53]. The Liber Anniversariorum of Einsiedeln records the death in Nov of "Burkardus dux iunior", recalling his donation "cum matre Regelinda" (see above)[54]. The necrology of St Gall records the death "II Id Nov" of "Uodalrici Purchardi ducis Alamannorum"[55]. m HEDWIG of Bavaria, daughter of HEINRICH I Duke of Bavaria [Ottonen] & his wife Judith of Bavaria [Liutpoldinger] (-26 Jul 994). The Casus Monasterii Petrishusensis records a donation by "Burchardus religios dux et Hadiwich eius coniunx", recording that they founded a monastery "in monte Duello"[56]. Her parentage is deduced from the Vita Oudalrici which records that the mother of the wife of "Purchardo duce Alamannorum" was "filiam materteræ" of "Heinricus filius Purchardi comitis" who was installed as Bishop of Augsburg in 973[57]. "Otto…rex" donated land "Scaleia…in pago Brisggouue in comitatu Birhtilonis" to the church at Worms by charter dated 18 Jun 990 on the petition of "Hadeuige ducis nostræ…consanguineæ"[58]. The Annales Einsidlenses record the death in 994 of "Hadewig dux"[59]. "Otto…rex" confirmed a donation of "villis Bosinga, Messinga, Ancencimbra, Harthusa, Vrsilinga in pago Para et in comitatu Hiltibaldi comitis" to Kloster St Gregor, Petershausen by "bone memorie domine Hadewige ducis" by charter dated 4 Nov 994[60]. "Otto…rex" donated property "Nuzbach…in pago Mordenouua et in comitiatu Cuononis comitis" to Kloster Waldkirch naming "bone memorie Burghardi Alemannorum ducis…sueque contectalis Haduuuige" by charter dated 22 Dec 994[61].

b) ADALRICH (-after 973). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified.

c) BERTA (-after 2 Jan 966). Liutprand names "Bertam Suevorum ducis Bruchardi filiam" as wife of "Rodulfus rex Burgundionibus"[62]. The Annales Sangallenses record the marriage in 922 of "filiam Purchardi ducis" and "Ruodolfus rex"[63]. "Berta matre nostra" is named in the charter of "Chuonradus rex" dated 8 Apr 962[64]. Luitprand records the marriage of "Burgundionum rex Rodulfus…viduam Bertam" to King Ugo[65]. m firstly (922) RUDOLF II King of Upper Burgundy, son of RUDOLF I King of Upper Burgundy & his wife Willa [de Vienne] (-937). m secondly (12 Dec 937) as his fourth wife, UGO King of Italy, son of THEOTBALD Comte d'Arles & his wife Berta of Lotharingia [Carolingian] ([880]-10 Apr 947).

3. DIETPIRCH (-17 or 22 Mar after 923, bur Wittislingen). Dietpirch is named as wife of Hupald in the Vita S. Oudalrici[66]. Herimannus names "Dietpirch" as daughter of "Burchardus dux" and wife of "Hartmannus comes"[67]. The Vita b. Hucbaldi names "Theobergam, filiam Burcardi ducis Sueviæ de genere Veringarum" as wife of "Hucbaldus", specifying that she brought Dillingen to her husband[68]. The necrology of Neresheim records the death "XVI Kal Apr" of "Dietpirga com mater s Udalrici"[69]. The necrology of Ottenburen records the death "XI Kal Apr" of "Dietpirc mater s Uodalrici ep"[70]. m HUPOLD, son of HARTMANN & his wife --- (-16 Jul [909], bur Wittislingen). "Hupaldus" is shown as son of "Hartmannus comes" and husband of "Dietpirch".


aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

Burchard I. von Schwaben (* zwischen 855 und 860; † 5. November oder 23. November 911, hingerichtet) war Herzog von Schwaben (909-911), Markgraf in Rätien sowie Graf im Thurgau und der Baar.


Burchard wurde als Sohn des Grafen Adalbert II. des Erlauchten im Thurgau (825–905), Urenkel des Markgrafen Hunfried I. von Istrien und Rätien, und Judiths von Friaul (830–902) geboren. Aus seiner Ehe mit einer unbekannten Frau gingen die Kinder Burchard II., (* um 885; † gefallen 29. April 926 vor Novara) und Udalrich von Schwaben (* 884 oder 885; † unbekannt) hervor. Burchard trat um 909 die Nachfolge von Ruadulf aus dem Geschlecht der Welfen als Dux, Markgraf bzw. Comes für das Grenzgebiet der Region Rätien an. Burchard verwaltete zudem eine Grafschaft in der Baar.

Burchard war um 900 der mächtigste Herrscher in Schwaben. In einem Tauschvertrag von 904 findet man Burchard auch als Vogt der schwäbischen Güter des Klosters Lorsch. Um seine Macht auszuweiten, begann er gegen Pfalzgrafen Erchanger, einen treuen Untergebenen von Konrad I., und den Bischof Salomo III. von Konstanz, Abt des Klosters St. Gallen (→ Appenzell Ausserrhoden), zu intrigieren. Burchard wurde gefangen genommen und vom schwäbischen Landtag des Hochverrats angeklagt, man befand ihn für schuldig. Sein Sohn, Burchard II., und dessen Frau Regilinde konnten zu ihrer Verwandtschaft nach Italien fliehen, verloren aber den Besitz in Schwaben und Rätien. Burchard und sein Bruder Adalbert, der Graf von Thurgau, wurden im Jahre 911 hingerichtet.

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Burchard I, duke of Swabia's Timeline

Born between 855 and 860
Age 20
Age 20
Age 23
Swabia, Germany
Age 25
Sachsen, Germany
November 5, 911
Age 51
died 5 or 23 November 911
November 23, 911
Age 51