Burgred, king of Mercia

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Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Tamworth Castle, Mercia, UK
Смерть: Умер в Pavia, Lombardy, Italy
Место погребения: Pavia, Lombardy, Italy
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Beorhtwulf, King of Mercia и Sædryð
Муж Aethelswith, Queen of Mercia
Отец Beorhtnoð æthling of Kent и Beorhtweald, Ealdorman of Kent
Брат Beorhtfrið и Beorhtric

Профессия: King of Mercia 852 - 874
Менеджер: Sally Gene Cole
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About Burgred, king of Mercia

Burgræd, King of Mercia was the son of Beorhtwulf, King of Mercia and Sædryð

He married Æðelswyð, daughter of Æðelwulf, King of Wessex and Osburga, after 2 April 853 at Palace of Chippenham, Wiltshire, England.

He died in 874. He was buried at Pavia, Italy.

    Burgræd, King of Mercia succeeded to the title of King Burgræd of Mercia circa 852. (3) He was deposed as King of Mercia, driven out by the Danes in 874. (3)

Children of Burgræd, King of Mercia and Æðelswyð (?)

-1. Beorhtnoð æthling (?)+ d. c 880 (2)

-2. Beorhtweald, Ealdorman of Kent (4)

Forrás / Source:


Burgred or Burhred or Burghred was the king of Mercia (852 - 874). He succeeded to the throne in 852, and in 852 or 853 called upon Ethelwulf of Wessex to aid him in subduing northern Wales. The request was granted and the campaign proved successful, the alliance being sealed by the marriage of Burgred to Aelthelswith, daughter of Ethelwulf. In 868 the Mercian king appealed to Ethelred of Wessex and his brother, Alfred the Great for assistance against the Danes, who were in possession of Nottingham. The armies of Wessex and Mercia did no serious fighting, and the Danes were allowed to remain through the winter. In 874 the march of the Danes from Lindsey to Repton drove Burgred from his kingdom.[1] They appointed a Mercian ealdorman Ceolwulf to replace him, demanding oaths of loyalty to the Danes.[2] Burgred retired to Rome and died there. He was buried, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, "in the church of Sancta Maria, in the school of the English nation" in Rome.

Burgred is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the years 852, 853, 868, and 874.

Coins from the reign of Burgred — all bearing the spelling Burgred — have been found in several hoards. In December, 2003, silver coins from the reign of King Burgred were found at a site in Yorkshire, which may be the first actual Viking ship burial in England proper.

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Хронология Burgred, king of Mercia

Mercia, UK
Возраст 73
Pavia, Lombardy, Italy
cathedral of Vác
Pavia, Lombardy, Italy