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Aaron "Totsuwha-Chief Red Bird" Brock

Also Known As: "Totsuwha", "Do-tsu-wa", "Ꮩ Ꮷ Ꮹ", "to-chu-wo-r", "ᏙᏧᏬR", "c-u-tsa-wah CᎤᏣᏩ", "Red Bird"
Birthplace: Overhills, Great Tellico, Cherokee Nation East
Death: Died in Clay County, Kentucky, United States
Place of Burial: Ky
Immediate Family:

Son of Chief Great Eagle Carpenter and Ani'wa'di Wurtea Tawsee
Husband of Sarah Brock; Adi Wadi Christain Place and Susannah Caroline Brock
Partner of Rhoda Wilder
Father of Amon Brock; Aaron Brock Redbird Carpenter; Mahala Susannah Callahan; Jesse James Brock; Beuben Brock and 6 others
Brother of Standing Turkey Carpenter

Occupation: Cherokee chief
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About Chief Red Bird Brock

Some researchers believe him to be Chief Red Bird for which the Red Bird River in Clay and Leslie Counties are named. Aaron Cutsawah would be his American Indian name if this is the case as there are some places that refer to Chief Red Bird as Aaron Cutsawah Chief Red Bird Brock. However, on the 1805 Treaty of Tellico, Chief Red Bird's name was listed as Tochuwor with his "X" made by the name.

Alternate birth date: 8/21/1721

Aaron had five other children with Susan

  • 1. Aaron b. 1748 Virginia m. Elizabeth Noe on 8/5/1776 in VA. b. a1850 VA
  • 2. Mahala Susannah b.1749 Cumberland Co. VA d.1820 Clay Co. KY m. Edward Callahan in 1773 VA. Edward b.1773 VA d.1823 Clay Co. KY
  • 3. George b.1752 Shenandoah Co. VA d. Jan 1839 Washington Co. IN. m. Julia Ann Bruner on May 28, 1824
  • 4. Reuben b.1754 VA m. Elizabeth Camp in 1779 NC b.1760 NC
  • 5. James Brock b. 1758 VA d.1834

Four other children by Rhoda

AARON BROCK (Sr.), is said to've been born 8 Dec 1721 in VA, though no source for the date can be found ~ the same birthday as his son JESSE BROCK (b. 8 Dec 1751, Cumberland Co., VA), so perhaps someone confused their birthdays. AARON died probably 1811 in Clay Co., KY. Nearly 200 years of oral tradition indicates Aaron Brock the English name of Cherokee treaty-signer Chief Red Bird (Cherokee name Tsalagi' Ugvwiyuhi Totsu'hwa) for whom the Red Bird River was named. Circumstantial evidence indicates but cannot prove he was the son of Chief Great Eagle and Woman Ani-Wadi. Dr. Kenneth B. Tankersley was shown the burial place of Aaron Brock - Chief Red Bird as a boy by his great-grandmother Elizabeth Saylor Tankersley, who was shown by her grandmother Elizabeth Brock Saylor, the granddaughter of Jesse Brock's son James C., as a place to be cared for by their family, which has looked after his grave since the murder.


Aaron's son Jesse Brock was said in testimony by his grandson Elijah (son of Amon) to be "about 3/4 Indian." This suggests that Jesse was the grand- or great-grand-, or gr-great-grandson (?) of a European immigrant. A Brock DNA Project to determine the Y-chromosome of Aaron Brock is awaiting more test results, but so far three Brock direct-male-line descendants of JesseBrocks's sons Amon, James, and Jesse, Jr., are haplogroup J-12f2.1+, of Mediterranean-Middle East- Ashkenazi Jewish (Jews who went to Northern Europe, primarily to England). Dr. Bennett Greenspan of Family Tree DNA wrote about our Brock family's DNA in June 2007, "I have looked into a Jewish database that we have and this line IS found as a 12/12 match with 10 people in the database of Jews…One from Turkey (likely Spanish origins) one from Iran, and many from the Island of Majorca from a group of people who where forced to convert to Christianity called the Cheuta’s. I do not believe that these Brocks are descended from a Native American male, rather from a Jewish colonizer of Spanish descent."

Another man tested whose DNA was tested descends from a George Brock who lived in the same area as Jesse, had land dealings with him, and is believed by descendants to be Jesse's son, shows haplogroup R1B, the most common European admixture, and no similarity to the other two. There is little chance they had a common ancestor. He and some other Brocks tested with DNA Prints, rather than Y-chromosome testing, all show a percentage of Native American.

There is no telling how far back the Jewish (or Melungeon) ancestor lived; it could have been hundreds or even thousands of years. Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman, in her book MELUNGEON: THE LAST LOST TRIBE IN AMERICA (2005), wrote, "Not all Jews are Melungeon, but all Melungeons are Jews," and cites numerous landings in the Carolinas and Florida during the 1500s by Spanish and Portuguese Jewish sailors and settlers seeking a new home as refugees from the Inquisition which began in Spain 1492, the year Columbus discovered America. As other English colonists arrived, the earlier Jewish settlers sought isolation in Appalachia.


RHODA6 SIZEMORE (GEORGE ALL5, JAMES4, HENRY3, WILLIAM2, MICHAEL1) was born Abt. 1790. She married (1) AARON (RED BIRD TO-JU-HWA) BROCK. She married (2) JOSEPH WILDER. She married (3) -------- ROBERTS. 

More About AARON (RED BIRD TO-JU-HWA) BROCK: Ethnicity: Cherokee




Aaron Brock was a 1/2 Cherokee Indian and he married a full blooded Cherokee Indian. He lived in Cumberland County, Virginia, and his son Jesse settled in Knox, (later Harlan) county, Kentucky in about 1799.

Aaron came to Knox,(now Harlan), county around 1798.

The first Aaron Brock, Reuben's son, married an Indian named Susan, who was from the Cherokee Nation in the Carolinas, and when son Jesse (Revolutionary soldier) was granted land, Aaron and Susan moved with him from South Carolina to Kentucky; Aaron and Susan lived in a sycamore tree in what is now known as Red Bird, Kentucky, named after Aaron.

Aaron Sr was aka Chief Red Bird - Cutsawah, the Sizemores claim that he was the chief of the White Mountain Laurel band consisting (for about a 10 year period) of about 2,000 Indians most of whom had the last name of Sizemore. No one believes that he married Rhoda Sizemore, just had children with her.

Red Bird was a Northern Chickamauga (traditional Cherokee) Thunderbolt (Lightning people of the Cumberland plateau) Cherokee war chief who signed a peace treaty with Dillon Asher.

Red Bird's uncle was probably Doublehead, a feared raider of white settlers who was executed by the famous cherokee leader Major Ridge who (after signing the treaty which gave all of the Cherokee lands to the whites), was himself executed after being removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

After the massacure at Yawhoo Falls in 1810 led by Franklinite "Big Tooth" Gregory, in which the Indian lookouts were overrun, and scalped and 110 women and children that were hiding in the room below the falls were slaughtered - unborn babies cut out of their mothers and dismembered - females who were not killed in battle were then raped before they were killed by the Indian Fighters.

Arriving late, Red Bird and his cousin War Woman Cornblossom (daughter of Chief Doublehead) fell upon the remaining Indian Fighters and killed them.

After this, some of the Northern Cherokee removed to Northern Arkansas (later again removed to Oklahoma), while others began to conform to the white man's ways and hide out in the mountains among the white settlers. After Congress passed a few more acts, the Cherokee were forceably hunted and removed to Oklahoma with a few escaping removal by hiding out in the mountains, caves, etc.

The treaty did not save Red Bird, for he and his friend Jack were murdered by white hunters.

" RED BIRD The Indian chief for whom Red Bird Creek in Clay County was named was probably a Cherokee from Tennessee or North Carolina. Like others of his race, he was a great hunter and allured by the game in this remote region he finally took up his residence on the creek that bears his name at the mouth of Jack's Creek in this county. He came to his death by the avarice of the "pale face." There lived with him a crippled Indian named Willie. This man dressed the skins which Red Bird brought to their wigwam and looked after the culinary department of their house. Some hunters from North Carolina, greedy and unscrupulous, came to the wigwam and murdered Willie. They then secreted themselves and awaited the return of the brave chief who had long before buried his tomahawk and for years had been living in peace with the white man, and as he approached his crude castle the bullet of an assassin laid him in the dust. They threw his body into a hole of water nearaby which is still called "Willie's Hole," and from which John Gilbert and others took him and buried him. One tradition is that he was sitting on the bank of a creek fishing when he was shot and that he fell into the creek. "

"from Dr. John J. Dickey Diary, Fleming County, Ky. Recorded in the 1870's and beyond. Reprinted in Kentucky Explorer, Volume 11, No March, 1997, p. 107. By permission. Clay County. " 1966 Kentucky Historical Society, Kentucky Department of Highways # 908.

according to a Historical marker which reads, Chief Red Bird - Was a legendary Cherokee Indian for whom this fork of the Kentucky River is named. He and another Indian, Jack, whose name was given the creek to the south, were friendly with early settlers and permitted them to hunt in the area. Allegedly they were killed in battle protecting their furs, and the bodies thrown into the river here. The ledges bear markings attributed to Red Bird. "from Kentucky Genealogist, Vol 4 (3), page 120, 1962".

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insert from the website of Southern Cherokee Nation regarding the 1810 massacre:

Runners brought word to Standing Fern at the falls that her husband War Chief Peter Troxell and Cornblossom were on their way to Ywahoo Falls with the last of the children. Traveling with Cornblossom and War Chief Peter Troxell were Chief Red Bird of the Cumberland Fallsarea and their children, the youngest children of Cornblossom, and all the children of War Chief Peter Troxell. When they arrived at Ywahoo Falls the journey southward would begin. But before Cornblossom, Red Bird, War Chief Peter Troxell, and the children with them arrived, the old Franklinite “Indian fighter” by the name of Hiram “Big Tooth” Gregory had heard of the planned trip several days prior and headed immediately for the falls area to kill them all with all he could muster to kill the Cherokee.

Red Bird, a descendant (thought to be grandson) of the great War Woman Cutsuwah that fell at Burnside, Kentucky during the French and Indian War was a War Chief of the Cumberland Plateau Thunderbolt Chickamaugan Cherokee known as Chief cutsuwah, and was also a close relative of Thunderbolt District Chief Beloved/War Woman Cornblossom, eldest and highly honored daughter of famous Thunderbolt War Chief Doublehead that was assassinated by conformist Cherokees.

After the Cherokee Children Massacre, August 10, 1810 at Ywahoo (Cumberland) Falls by militia from Wayne and Pulaski Counties led by Hiram "Big Tooth" Gregory in which War Woman Cornblossom and husband War Chief Jacob Troxell along with War Woman Standing Fern and husband War Chief Peter Troxell, son of Cornblossom fell, Chief Red Bird sent his people into hiding among the settlers of eastern Kentucky and western Virginia as had been suggested earlier by Chief Doublehead.

But Big Tooth Gregory's militia feeling they must destroy any remaining doublehead bloodline to effectively end any resistance to while settlements sent assassination teams out searching for Red Bird and his family, resulting in the assassination of Red Bird, his brother Jack and many of their family near the mouth of Jack's Creek and Red Bird River in Clay County, Kentucky within months of the children's massacre, and thus bringing an end to any organized Cherokee resistance to white settlements of Kentucky, Tennessee, north Georgia, and north Alabama.

Full-blooded Cherokee. Info from Geretta Coy (hgeri11) on Ancestry.

The name Reuben Brock is not associated with Aaron and Jesse's family, but with the Swiss/German Brack/Brocks Rudolph Heinrich Brack/Brock and John Michael Brack/Brock who immigrated to PA in 1733 and then to Orange/Augusta Co., VA, by 1740. Rudolph had at least four grandsons or great-grandsons named Reuben; two served in the Revolution.They were born 100+ years too late to be Aaron Brock Chief Red Bird's father.

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Chief Red Bird Brock's Timeline

August 21, 1721
Overhills, Great Tellico, Cherokee Nation East
Age 24
Virginia, United States
Age 26
Taluegue, Kentucky, United States
Age 27
Cumberland County, Province of Virginia
December 8, 1751
Age 30
Cumberland County, Province of Virginia
Age 32
Taluegue, Kentucky, United States
Age 32
Orange County, Province of North Carolina
October 28, 1757
Age 36
Augusta County, Province of Virginia
August 25, 1759
Age 38
Surry County, Province of North Carolina
November 5, 1775
Age 54