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Daphne Hamblin (Haynes)

Muud nimed, hüüdnimed: "Daphene", "Daphney", "Dephine"
Sünnikoht: North Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont, United States
Surm: Surmakuupäev: , surmakoht: Pottawattamie County, Iowa, United States
Matmiskoht: Pottawattamie County, Iowa, United States

Vanem(ad): William Haynes ja Polly Haynes
Abikaasa(d): Isaiah Hamblin
Laps(ed): Melissa Daphne Cooper; Emily Haynes Cooper; Jacob Vernon Hamblin, Sr.; Olive Haynes Hamblin; Adeline Amerilla Hamblin Riggs ja veel 7
Õve(d): William Haynes; Alson Haynes ja Emily Haynes

Haldaja: Gwyneth McNeil
Viimati värskendatud:

About Daphne Hamblin

Daphne Haynes Hamblin (1797 - 1847) - Daphne Haynes, daughter of William Haynes (1769 - 1804) and Polly Stoddard (1766 - 1850), was born 29 August 1797 in North Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont; she died at the age of 49 on 5 April 1847 near Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. She married Isaiah Hamblin (1790 - 1856), the eighth of nine children of Barnabas Hamblin and Mary Bassett, on 30 November 1812 at North Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont.

Children of Isaiah and Daphne Hamblin

  1. Melissa Daphne Hamblin (1814 - 1850)
  2. Emily Haynes Hamblin (1816 - 1841)
  3. Jacob Vernon Hamblin (1819 - 1886)
  4. Olive Arvida Haynes Hamblin (1821 - 1839)
  5. Adeline Amarilla Hamblin (1823 - 1895)
  6. Obed Hamblin (1826 - 1848)
  7. Alsen Haynes Hamblin (1828 - 1862) also known as "Olsen"
  8. William Haynes Hamblin (1830 - 1872)
  9. Oscar Hamblin (1833 - 1862)
  10. Edwin Hamblin (1835 - 1925)
  11. Francis Marion "Frank" Hamblin (1839 - 1881)
  12. Fredrick Hamblin (1841 - 1922)

Biographical sketch

On 30 November 1812 Isaiah married Daphne Haynes at North Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont. Daphne was the daughter of William and Polly Stoddard Haynes. She was born 29 August 1797 in North Hero. Their first child, Melissa, was born there on 2 February 1814.

Isaiah was a soldier in the War of 1812. He served under General Dearborn. He was wounded at the Battle of Plattsburg, New York, on 11 September 1814. When Daphne heard the guns of battle she put her baby and some bandages and medicine into a boat and traveled twenty miles to the scene of action just in time to see the British flag go down. Isaiah's hearing was damaged from being so close to the cannons.

Their second daughter, Emily, was born in North Hero on 31 August 1816. Later, Isaiah ran a lumber operation on the St. Lawrence River in northern New York.

Isaiah and his family moved to Salem, Ashtabula County, Ohio, where Isaiah was sheriff for awhile. Jacob was born there on 2 April 1819 and Olive was born on 7 May 1821. Then they moved to Geauga County, a wilderness covered with a heavy growth of timber. It took twenty days of hard work to clear one acre of land. In about three years the stumps would rot and the soil could then be plowed. Isaiah was overseeing some gristmills there. Three more children were born while the family was in Munson, Ohio: Adeline on 18 September 1823, Obed on 25 October 1825, and Alsen on 28 April 1827.

The family next moved to LaFayette, Wisconsin. Western Historical Company's 1882 publication "History of Walworth County" states "Isaiah Hamblin, first settler in the town, a native of the state of Ohio...came to LaFayette, Wisconsin in the month of June, 1836, and settled on the southeast quarter of section twenty-five on July 18. The logs for his house being ready, the settlers from neighboring towns turned out to assist him in "raising" the first house in the town of LaFayette." His daughter, Olive, married Henry Johnson in LaFayette's first wedding.

Daphne and Isaiah joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in April 1845, and by early 1847 they were making preparations to leave for Council Bluffs. Just as they were ready to leave, Daphne became ill. She died on 5 April 1847 and was buried along the trail in Pottawattamie County, Iowa with only a crude marker for her grave.


Although Daphne's name appears on the marker at her husband's grave, it is merely a memorial. She was buried in an unmarked grave along the wagon trail on the way to Council Bluffs.


  • LDS records incorrectly show Daphne's date and place of birth as 20 June 1790 Falmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts


vaata kõiki 16

Isiku Daphne Hamblin ajajoon

29. august 1797
North Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont, United States
30. november 1812
Vanus: 15
North Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont, United States
1. veebruar 1814
Vanus: 16
31. oktoober 1817
Vanus: 20
North Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont, United States
2. aprill 1819
Vanus: 21
Salem, Ashtabula County, Ohio, United States
1. mai 1821
Vanus: 23
18. september 1823
Vanus: 26
Geauga County, Ohio, United States
25. veebruar 1826
Vanus: 28
Vanus: 30
25. oktoober 1830
Vanus: 33
Bainbridge, Geauga County, Ohio, United States