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Дополнения: более полное место рождения, братья и сёстры и супруг(и).

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Birthplace: Virginia, United States
Death: Died in Lost at Sea
Occupation: Sea captain
Managed by: Heather Billig
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About Edward Bolling

Edward Bolling was born October 3, 1687 at Kippax Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia. He was the son of Col. Robert Bolling and wife Ann Stith. He was a sea captain by trade, and was lost at sea in 1720.

Some sources claim he married a Miss Slaughter and fathered as many as six children. No sources have yet been found to prove this claim. Those who support this claim state that the parents disapproved of Edward's lifestyle, of the very early birth of his children (when Edward was apparently in his early teens), and of Edward's entire family. They claim that is why Edward's widow and her children left Virginia when Edward died and settled in North Carolina. Refer to this site: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=monkeys&id=I41962. Read also the email correspondence below, for an opposing view. [BFA = Bolling Family Association]

Ken Poole < kbpoole@atomic.net > wrote:

The Edward Bolling, and Slaughter information (marriage to a Slaughter girl) was put into place by the BFA. I would be extremely careful before I used that. Remember they have produced nothing to show it to be a fact. I go after original documentation if I can find it. Such as bible records, or tombstone evidence or wills and deeds. I have gone over the wills, deeds and such in that area of VA. While I know it's possible to miss something, I have yet to find any evidence of this relationship.

In fact one gentleman wrote of Edwards death, and his friends death (they died at the same time): "Two handsome young men". Todd Bolen gives Edwards date of birth as 1687, and his death as 1710. And goes on to say there were six children, but gives no names for the children, except for a Benjamin, nor does Todd give us his source for this. Page 15, of Todd's Book, the last edition 8/2/96.

Not bad baby, making for a "Handsome young man", often at sea, and dead at the age of 23 with not one, but six children. Did Handsome young man refer to his sexual preferences?

We would have to go back into his time to find out, but some might conclude that. And they may be doing it because more than one Blue Bolling writer has said she was a sister to Benjamin Bolling. I hope no one is upset with me for saying what I see.

It's just like the William Bolling/Simms information. The BFA put that out also, and there is not one shred of evidence to support it. Ask Alice in Huston where she got that information. I spent some time looking at that data, but data not from Alice as she never sent it to me, she just told me of it.

  • *(Leslie's note: Alice of Houston, passed away about 6 months ago)**

In fact, some think that William/Simms may be a brother to Thomas de Bowling born in "Kippax" according to the Colclough family, in 1696. the son of Robert Bolling of Kippax.

And three, the Benjamin Bolling information on Jarrett Bowling, they spoke of, doesn't check "date wise" for our families; it's another man entirely. We ran that down also.

It's my opinion that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Until someone comes up with some quality documentation, stay with the oldest documentation. It's the prudent thing to do.

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Хронология Edward Bolling

October 1, 1687
Virginia, United States
October 3, 1687
Prince George, Prince George, Virginia, United States
Age 16
Age 19
Age 32
Lost at Sea