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Enoch .

Arabic: إدريس ., Hebrew: חנוך .
Also Known As: "Enoch", "Enoh", "Enok", "Henokh", "Henog", "Metatron", "Akhnukh", "Idris", "سيدنا أدريس عليه السلام", "إدريس", "חנוך"
Birthplace: Cainan, East Eden
Death: Died in 3017 BC
Immediate Family:

Son of Jared .; ירד; ירד and Baraka / Baltsa / Beltsea .
Husband of Edna .
Father of Methuselah .; Regim .; Elimelech .; Baraki'il .; Melca . and 2 others
Brother of Azriel .; Yardukil; Elimelech .; Mahnaukh and Other Sons & Daughters .
Half brother of Idris As / Henokh / Khanukh / Akhnukh

Occupation: Born: 1123 AM, Shoe maker, b.ca2278bc d.ca2948bc, 365 år, Henok levde i gemenskap med Gud. Sedan fanns han inte mer, ty Gud tog honom härifrån, god took him, lived 365 years and God took him, Prophet
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Immediate Family

About Enoch .

Genesis 5:18,21-24

Enoch next married Edna, daughter of Daniel.

Enoch is one of the main two focal points for much of the 1st millennium BC Jewish mysticism, notably in the Book of Enoch. In Islam, he is usually referred to as Idris (إدريس), and regarded as a prophet. Additionally, Enoch is important in some Christian denominations: he features in the Latter Day Saint Movement, and is commemorated as one of the Holy Forefathers in the Calendar of Saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

The prevailing view regarding Enoch was that of Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, which thought of Enoch as a pious man, taken to Heaven, and receiving the title of Safra rabba (Great scribe).

The Jewish view of Enoch was he was the only pious man of his time and was taken away before he would become corrupted, Rashi, and Ibn Ezra, Enoch was held to frequently lapse in his piety, and thus removed before his time, by a divine plague, in order to avoid further lapses. In the Sefer Hekalot, Rabbi Ishmael is described as having visited the 7th Heaven, where he meets Enoch, who claims that earth had, in his time, been corrupted by the demons Shammazai, and Azael, and so Enoch was taken to Heaven to prove that God was not cruel. Similar traditions are recorded in Ecclesiasticus. Later elaborations of this interpretation treated Enoch as having been a pious ascetic, who, called to remix with others, preached repentance, and gathered (despite the fewness of people on the earth) a vast collection of disciples, to the extent that he was proclaimed king. Under his wisdom, peace is said to have reigned on earth, to the extent that he is summoned to Heaven to rule over the sons of God. In a parallel with Elijah, in sight of a vast crowd begging him to stay, he ascends to Heaven on a horse.

regarding him as a man of truth and a prophet, as well as a model of patience; popular Muslim traditions credit Idris as inventor of astronomy, writing, and arithmetic. Enoch is often described as having been compelled to defend his life with the sword, against the depraved children of earth. Among his lesser inventions, in popular Muslim tradition, were said to be scales, to enable just weights, and tailoring.

Among the Latter Day Saint movement and particularly in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Enoch is viewed as having founded an exceptionally righteous city, named Zion, in the midst of an otherwise wicked world.not only Enoch, but the entire peoples of the city of Zion, were taken to Heaven without death, because of their piety. (Zion is defined as "the pure in heart" and this city of Zion will return to the earth at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.) The Doctrine and Covenants further states that Enoch prophesied that one of his descendants, Noah, and his family, would survive a Great Flood and thus carry on the human race and preserve the Gospel. The book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price has several chapters that give an account of Enoch's preaching, visions and conversations with God. In these same chapters are details concerning the wars, violence and natural disasters in Enoch's day, and notable miracles performed by Enoch.

These recount how Enoch is taken up to Heaven and is appointed guardian of all the celestial treasures, chief of the archangels, and the immediate attendant on God's throne. He is subsequently taught all secrets and mysteries and, with all the angels at his back, fulfills of his own accord whatever comes out of the mouth of God, executing His decrees. Enoch was also seen as the inventor of writing, and teacher of astronomy and arithmetics, all three reflecting the interpretation of his name as meaning initiated.

Much esoteric literature like the 3rd Book of Enoch identifies Enoch as the Metatron, the angel which communicates God's word. In consequence, Enoch was seen, by this literature, and the ancient kabbala of Jewish mysticism, as having been the one which communicated God's revelation to Moses, in particular, the dictator of the Book of Jubilees.


Enok (Henok i Bibel 2000, Hanok i 1917 års översättning vilket även är det egentliga namnet) var namnet på två personer i bibeln som levde innan syndafloden. Den ene var son till Kain och den andre var en profet som var farfars far till Noa.

Enok, profeten [redigera]

Enok var son till Jered och fader till Methusalem och sägs ha vandrat med Gud i trehundra år efter att han fått sin son vid 65 års ålder, innan han till slut upptogs till himlen, se Henoksböckerna. Namnet Enok har hebreiskt ursprung och kan betyda ’invigd’ eller 'undervisning'. I Koranen går han under namnet Idris.


Verse(s), from the Book of Jubilees, that refer to Enoch:

17. And he 5 was the first among men that are born on earth who learnt writing and knowledge and wisdom 6 and who wrote down the signs of heaven according to the order of their months in a book, 7 that men might know the seasons of the years according to the order of their separate months. 18. And he was the first to write a testimony, and he testified to the sons of men among the generations of the earth, and recounted the weeks of the jubilees, and made known to them the days of the years, 8 and set in order the months and recounted the Sabbaths of the years as we made (them) known to him. 19. And what was and what will be he saw in a vision 1 of his sleep, as it will happen to the children of men throughout their generations until the day of judgment; he 2 saw and understood everything, and wrote his testimony, and placed the testimony on earth for all the children of men and for their generations. 20. And in the twelfth jubilee, in the seventh week thereof, he took to himself a wife, and her name was Ednî, 3 the daughter of Dânêl, the daughter of his father's brother, and in the sixth year in this week she bare him a son and he called his name Methuselah. 4 21. And he was moreover with the angels of God these six jubilees of years, and they showed him everything which is on earth 5 and in the heavens, the rule of the sun, and he wrote down everything. 22. And he testified to the Watchers, who had sinned with the daughters of men; for these had begun to unite themselves, so as to be defiled, with the daughters of men, and Enoch testified against (them) all. 23. And he was taken from amongst the children of men, and we conducted him into the Garden of Eden


'''  aka Hanokh (ENOC Henoc) ADANYA, aka Edres ibn Yared, aka Idris (Profeten af ​​islam), `den Indledt '; poss. aka Iemhotep, 2. profet Seal; poss. 1:e astronom, (ikke dø, men taget af Gud og udnævnt til chef for Ærkeengle)'''


Poss. Jullus i Roms 10-oldefar.

HM George I s 84-oldefar.

HRE Ferdinand I s 80-oldefar.

Agnes Harris '84-oldefar.


Kone / partner:       Edna 
 Børn:       Methusaleh (Mathusale)   ,   Barakil (Baraki'il Elisha)   ,   Mashamos   ;   poss. Enoch (evt. far Emzara)   ;   osv.


 Hans (evt.) oldebørn:       Adataneses   ,   Sedeqetelebab   ,   Ne-elatama   ,   NIR (Nur)   ,   Noah (Nuh Noe) ibn LAMEK   ,   Emzara (Coba) 


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Enoch .'s Timeline

Cainan, East Eden
Age 64
City of Enoch
Age 246
Age 364
3017 BC
City Enoch,,,