Ermengaud IV le de Gerp, comte de Forcalquier

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Geni профиль Ermengaud IV le de Gerp, comte de Forcalquier

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Ermengol IV 'el de Gerb' d'Urgel, comte de Forcauquier

Голландский: Ermengol IV 'el de Mollerussa' d'Urgell, Comte de Forcalquier
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Forcalquier, France
Смерть: Умер в Barbastro Castle, Castile, Spain (Killed)
Ближайшие родственники:

Son of Ermengol III el de Barbastre, comte d'Urgell и Clamença de Bigòrra
Husband of Llúcia, comtessa consort d'Urgell и Adelaida de Forcalquier, comtessa de Forcalquier
Father of Ermengol V el de Mollerussa, comte d'Urgell; Guillaume III, comte de Forcalquier и Sancie d'Urgel, dame de Forcalquier
Brother of Ramon, Infant d'Urgell; Guillem, Infant d'Urgell; Berenguer, Infant d'Urgell и Isabel d'Urgell
Half brother of Sança d'Urgell, comtessa consort d'Empúries и Isabel d'Urgel, reina consorte de Aragón

Профессия: Conde de Urgel, Comte d'Urgell, Greve i Urgell 1065
Менеджер: Jason Scott Wills
Последнее обновление:

About Ermengaud IV le de Gerp, comte de Forcalquier

Ermengol IV, Count of Urgell

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Ermengol or Armengol IV (1056 – 1092), called el de Gerb or Gerp, was the Count of Urgell from 1066 to his death. He was the son of Ermengol III and Clemence.

Ermengol inherited Urgell when he was only ten years old and ruled under the tutelage of the countess dowager, Sancha, third wife of his father, until he was twelve. During this brief minority, the nobility took the opportunity to plunder and occupy the comital demesne. It was not until 1075 that Ermengol was in control of his county and his nobles.

Ermengol was an active count. During his reign, Urgell profited economically by receiving exiles from Lleida and Fraga. In 1076, having brought the nobles to submission, he began a Reconquista of his own, taking the basin of the river Sió with the villages of Agramunt and Almenara that year and Linyola and Belcaire in 1091. He conquered Calassanç and Gerb, where he died, in an effort to pave the way to the recapture of Balaguer, which occurred during the reign of his son, Ermengol V, in 1102.

Armengol was a firm supporter of the contemporary Gregorian reform of the Church, which he introduced to Urgel.

In 1077, Ermengol married Lucy, daughter of Bernard I of La Marche. With her, he had his son and heir, the aforementioned Ermengol. In 1079, he remarried to Adelaide Bertrand, great-granddaughter of William II of Provence. She bore him one son, William, who inherited Forcalquier, and a daughter who died young.

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Хронология Ermengaud IV le de Gerp, comte de Forcalquier

Forcalquier, France
Возраст 26
Forcalquier,Alpes De Haute Provence,,France
Возраст 26
Urgell, Spain
Возраст 28
28 Март 1092
Возраст 40
Barbastro Castle, Castile, Spain (Killed)
15 Декабря 1994
Возраст 40
11 Февраля 1995
Возраст 40