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Frealaf Buri Bor

Also Known As: "Fríallaf", "Fridleif"
Birthplace: Asgard, Troy, Turkey
Death: (Date and location unknown)
Immediate Family:

Son of Godwulf and Mrs Godwulf Queen of Trojans
Husband of Auðumbla, Queen of Trojans
Father of Frithuwald Bor
Brother of Flocwald and Finn

Occupation: First God in Norse mythology
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Immediate Family

About Frealaf Buri Bor

6. Haralds ætt fra Adam

Adam skapte Gud først av alle menn. Seth var sønnen hans, hans sønn Enos, hans sønn Kaynan, hans sønn Malaleel, hans sønn Phareth, hans sønn Enoch, hans sønn Mathusalem den gamle, hans sønn Lamech, -- det var i den første tidsalder, -- hans sønn var Noi, som bygde arken, hans sønn Japhet, hans sønn Japhan, hans sønn Zechim, hans sønn Ciprus, hans sønn Cretus eller Celius, hans sønn Saturnus på Kreta, hans sønn Jupiter, hans sønn Darius, hans sønn Erichonius, hans sønn Troeg, hans sønn Ilus, hans sønn, Lamidon, hans sønn, Priamus storkonge. Munnon eller Mennon het kongen over Troja. Han var gift med Troanam, datter til kong Priami: sønnen hans het Tror, som vi kaller Tor, hans sønn var Loriche, som vi kaller Hlorride, hans sønn Eredei, som vi kaller Einride, hans sønn Vingithor, han sønn Vinginer, hans sønn Modi, hans sønn Mågi, som vi kaller Magni, hans sønn Seseph, hans sønn Beduigg, hans sønn Atri, hans sønn Trinan, hans sønn Heremoth, som vi kaller Hermod, hans sønn Skjaldin, som vi kaller Skjøld, hans sønn Beaf, som vi kaller Bjar, hans sønn Godolf, hans sønn Burri, som vi kaller Finn, hans sønn Frjalaf, som vi kaller Bors, hans sønn Voden, som vi kaller Odin. Han var Tyrkerkonge. Hans sønn Skjøld, hans sønn Fridleif, hans sønn Fred-Frodi, hans sønn Herleif, hans sønn Håvar den håndsterke, hans sønn Frodi, hans sønn Vemund den kloke, hans datter Olof. Hun var mor til Frodi den fredsommelige. Hans sønn Fridleif, hans sønn Frodi den djerve, hans sønn Halfdan, hans sønn Hroar, hans sønn Valdemar den gavmilde, hans sønn Harald den gamle, hans sønn Halfdan den kloke, hans sønn Ivar den vidfadme, hans datter Aud den dyptenkte, hennes sønn Randver, hans sønn Sigurd hring, hans sønn Ragnar lodbrok, hans sønn Sigurd orm i øyet, hans datter Åslaug, hennes sønn Sigurd hjørt, hans datter Ragnhild, hennes sønn kong Harald hårfagre.

  I denne ættetavla, på en mindre enn sytti, er både Adam og Harald medregnet. 

by Molly Miller, Clarksville Middle School

Buri is the primeval man in Norse mythology. He had neither father nor mother, but was created by a cow named Audhumla. As she licked the salt blocks of Ginnagagap, the shape of a man -- Buri -- was formed. Buri had a son named Bor. Bor had three sons who were gods: Odin, Vili, and Ve.

547. This year Ida began to reign, from whom arose the royal race of North-humbria ; and he reigned twelve years, and built Bambrough, which was at iSirst enclosed by a hedge, and afterwards by a wall. Ida was the son of Eoppa, Eoppa of Esa, Esa of Ingwi, Ingwi of Angenwit, Angenwit of Aloe, Aloe ot Benoc, Benoc of Brond, Brond of Beldeg, Beldeg of Woden, Woden of Frithowald, Fritho- wald of Frithuwulf, Frithuwulf of Finn, Finn of Godwulf, Godwulf of Geat.

"Finn begat Frithuwulf, who in turn begat Frealaf. Frealaf begat Frithuwald. Great men all." Eldred abruptly stopped speaking. He got to his feet and began pacing the fire, scanning the crowd.

"That sneaky Frisian rascal, King Folc, has named his sons Finn and Frithuwald. He claims that Woden was a Frisian and his ancestor. Well, maybe Woden was indeed Folc's ancestor. Woden loved fighting, drinking, and womanizing, in that close order. Woden passed more than a few times through Frisia. So I will grant his claim to Woden as an ancestor. But to say that Woden was Frisian born is the height of untruth. I am tempted to beat the next Frisian I meet and tell him to pass the same message on through to the mangy rascal that he has for a king! After tomorrow's performance, of course."


Lóriði is the son of Thor and Sif and forefather of Norse rulers, according to the prologue of the Prose Edda. Loridi does not appear in any other instance of Norse mythology.

One should note that the author of the Prose Edda Snorri Sturluson was a christian and he used the prologue to explain how the norse pagans came to believe what they did. The prologue allowed Snorri the framework to assert that he was a christian before going on to relate the potentially heretical pagan tales of the norse gods in the Gylfaginning. Snorri posits the theory that many of the heroes from ancient city of Troy came to Scandanavia and were revered as gods and demigods.

For these reasons Lóriði should not be considered the son of the mythical Thor. Lóriði is not an actual part of the ancient norse myths.

-Near the earth's centre was made that goodliest of homes and haunts that ever have been, which is called Troy, even that which we call Turkland. This abode was much more gloriously made than others, and fashioned with more skill of craftsmanship in manifold wise, both in luxury and in the wealth which was there in abundance. There were twelve kingdoms and one High King, and many sovereignties belonged to each kingdom; in the stronghold were twelve chieftains. These chieftains were in every manly part greatly above other men that have ever been in the world. One king among them was called Múnón or Mennón; and he was wedded to the daughter of the High King Priam, her who was called Tróán; they had a child named Trór, whom we call Thor. He was fostered in Thrace by a certain war-duke called Lóríkus; but when he was ten winters old he took unto him the weapons of his father. He was as goodly to look upon, when he came among other men, as the ivory that is inlaid in oak; his hair was fairer than gold. When he was twelve winters old he had his full measure of strength; then he lifted clear of the earth ten bear-skins all at one time; and then he slew Duke Lóríkus, his foster-father, and with him his wife Lórá, or Glórá, and took into his own hands the realm of Thrace, which we call Thrúdheim. Then he went forth far and wide over the lands, and sought out every quarter of the earth, overcoming alone all berserks and giants, and one dragon, greatest of all dragons, and many beasts. In the northern half of his kingdom he found the prophetess that is called Síbil, whom we call Sif, and wedded her. The lineage of Sif I cannot tell; she was fairest of all women, and her hair was like gold. Their son was Lóridi, who resembled his father; his son was Einridi, his son Vingethor, his son Vingener, his son Móda, his son Magi, his son Seskef, his son Bedvig, his son Athra (whom we call Annarr), his son Ítermann, his son Heremód, his son Skjaldun (whom we call Skjöld), his son Bjáf (whom we call Bjárr), his son Ját, his son Gudólfr, his son Finn, his son Fríallaf (whom we call Fridleifr); his son was he who is named Vóden, whom we call Odin: he was a man far-famed for wisdom and every accomplishment. His wife was Frígídá, whom we call Frigg.

-------------------- Possible Children: Aodfa of ANGLES ; Frithuwald (Bor) Alternative Fathers of Possible Children: (NN), Frealaf's descendant; Frithuwulf (the TROJAN?) Alternative Fathers of Possible Children: (NN), Frealaf's descendant ; Frithuwulf (the TROJAN ?) -------------------- From Wikipedia:úri

'Búri was the first god in Norse mythology. He was the father of Borr and grandfather of Odin. He was formed by the cow Auðumbla licking the salty ice of Ginnungagap. The only extant source of this myth is Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda.' -------------------- Búri was the first god in Norse mythology. He was the father of Borr and grandfather of Odin. He was formed by the cow Auðumbla licking the salty ice of Ginnungagap. The only extant source of this myth is Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda.

She licked the ice-blocks, which were salty; and the first day that she licked the blocks, there came forth from the blocks in the evening a man's hair; the second day, a man's head; the third day the whole man was there. He is named Búri: he was fair of feature, great and mighty. He begat a son called Borr

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Frealaf Buri Bor's Timeline

Asgard, Troy, Turkey
Age 28
Age 29
Asgard, Asia or East Europe